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National and Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 9. Also, check out Scaling Green’s grades of the 2016 presidential candidates on energy and climate issues (mostly “D”s and “F”s among Republicans…and also Jim Webb).

*Prominent sexist Erick Erickson says Donald Trump’s sexism has no place in the GOP

*Donald Trump has a history of flippant misogyny (As do other right-wing leaders, such as Erick Erickson of “Red State.”)

*GOP leaders looking to move beyond Trump

*Donald Trump’s fight with Fox News and Megyn Kelly, explained (Excellent piece by Ezra Klein.)

*Donald Trump Won’t Win A War Against Fox News

*29 U.S. Scientists Praise Iran Deal in Letter to Obama (“The letter from some of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in nuclear weapons and arms control called the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program innovative and stringent.”)

*Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed.

*Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Adds Young Black Woman As New Public Face (Smart.)

*Jeb Bush Says Notorious Sexist Erick Erickson Is ‘On The Side Of Women’ (Seriously, there’s something wrong with Jeb Bush.)

*Unarmed College Football Player Shot And Killed By Police Trainee (This crap has to stop.)

*Editorial: Making the investment in new jobs for Virginia

*Kaine: Plan to oust Va. Supreme Court appointee is worrisome (“‘The governor appointed, by all accounts, a very, very qualified jurist to the Supreme Court,’ said Kaine, D-Va., adding he finds it ‘odd’ that lawmakers almost immediately announced plans to replace her.”)

*Virginia solar power development lags neighboring states (Yep, solar has been bringing jobs and clean power to NC and MD, but not to VA thanks to our laws written to favor coddled monopoly Dominion Power. So, so stupid…and anti-“free market”…and corrupt.)

*Annual reviews without write-ups for managers of Virginia cities and counties?

*Retired senator ‘is paid handsomely’ for NCI role

*Ralph S. Northam: Children’s hospitals offer many advantages

*Fairfax tries to highlight homeless issues with ‘scary’ faceless dummies

*Fairfax makes push for aid instead of jail

*D.C. area forecast: Weekend finishes nicely, unsettled start to the workweek


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