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National and Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 5. Also, check out Jeb Bush handing Democrats two excellent talking points for the general election. Thanks Jeb! ๐Ÿ™‚

*President Obama’s Tough, Achievable Climate Plan

*Jeb Bush’s ad-lib offers Dems another gift (“He questions the amount of government support for women’s health programs.” Keep on talkin’ ol’ Jeb boy! LOL)

*What If Trump Wins? (If he actually became President, our country would be doomed, but other than that…)

*Perry out, Kasich in: Fox News announces the participants in Thursday night’s debate

*A wealthy oligarchy of donors is dominating the 2016 election (Thanks a lot Chief Justice Roberts…not!)

*A strategy forms to combat the Islamic State (“U.S. policy now appears to be working in tandem with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, a rare alignment – although Iran remains a potential spoiler.”)

*Kaine announces support for Iran deal

*Iran deal foes spend big, get little so far (Ha ha.)

*The hideous truth about Donald Trump: Why the “Trump Surge” is here to stay – even if his campaign isn’t (“The forces animating the Donald’s soaring popularity are omnipresent: The deep-seated anxieties of white America”)

*Lawns are a soul-crushing timesuck and most of us would be better off without them (Also an environmental disaster. Replace them with native/pollinator-friendly plantings, fruit trees, anything but sod.)

*Unnecessary misstep from the governor (“Virginia’s system should be changed to empower bar associations, or similarly qualified panels, to recommend a list of candidates from which the governor can nominate, and for lawmakers to confirm or reject the governor’s selection.”)

*Virginia central in national redistricting fight

*McAuliffe to lead national redistricting effort by Democrats (“McAuliffe will co-chair a new redistricting fund aimed at ensuring Democratic governors in key states hold power in 2020, when states will begin redrawing congressional maps.”)

*Gov. McAuliffe Weighs in on VP Biden, Virginia Economy (“Governor Terry McAuliffe added he considers Joe Biden a friend and thinks he would make a great candidate.”)

*Virginia not part of fetal tissue program (“…while Planned Parenthood operates seven clinics in Virginia, six of which offer first-trimester abortions – any conducted after the first trimester must be performed in a hospital – none participate in the fetal tissue donation program”)

*Goodlatte: Criminal justice reform proposal coming next month (If Goodlatte has anything to do with it, you know it will be bad.)

*Atlantic Coast Pipeline survey case in Nelson County still undecided

*Solar energy farm on the horizon for Isle of Wight (“sle of Wight County – and one family farm in particular – may be host to a major solar energy farm if the Board of Supervisors approves a request from a company looking to sell power to the state’s largest electrical utility.”)

*The New Gig (“U.S. Sen. Mark Warner on what a different kind of economy means for 83 million millennials – and everyone else.”)

*Appalachian Residents Joining Hands in Opposition to Pipeline Development and Fracking

*Virginia Republicans plan to throw a qualified justice out of the courtroom

*Bruce Allen’s ugly arrogance (Seems to run in the family…)

*Could one of the nation’s largest school districts go without sports, activities? (“Fairfax County, Va.’s school system is planning for cuts of nearly $100 million, possibly targeting coveted programs.”)

*Prince William officials back ‘hybrid’ power line plan

*Incentives in Norfolk smooth path for developer

*Nationals snap four-game losing streak with win over Diamondbacks

*D.C. area forecast: Hot but less humid today; shower chances return later tomorrow

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