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Virginia GOP Seeks to Fire Qualified Female Supreme Court Justice In Favor Of Male One


From DPVA:


Virginia GOP Seeks to Fire Qualified Female Supreme Court Justice In Favor Of Male One

Virginians are used to hyper political temper tantrums from Virginia Republicans like Tommy Norment and Bill Howell, but their dark of the night announcement that they will be kicking a qualified, nonpartisan female justice to the curb in favor of their hand-picked male alternative is a new low.  

Judge Jane Marum Roush is qualified (Republicans even concede that in their press release), she was recommended by Republican leaders like Dave Albo and Greg Habeeb, and she is already serving on the bench taking cases. 

“Given their history of respect and inclusion toward Virginia women, it is tough to think of a reason the party of transvaginal ultrasounds, banning birth control and fighting equal pay for equal work would fire a female justice in favor of a male pick,”said Morgan Finklestein, press secretary for the Democratic Party of Virginia. “This attack on a qualified and nonpartisan female jurist who is already on the bench is just the latest example of how far outside the mainstream Republicans are, particularly on issues that matter to Virginia women and their families.” 


  • clark

    Richmond, VA – In response to last night’s announcement by Virginia Republicans that they will reject Governor McAuliffe’s Virginia Supreme Court appointee, Justice Jane Roush, who has already begun serving on the Supreme Court, and will instead nominate Appeals Court Judge Rossie Alston, Lt Governor Northam released the following statement:

    “It is disappointing that General Assembly Republicans are playing politics with Governor McAuliffe’s appointment of Judge Jane Roush to the state’s Supreme Court. She was sworn in over the weekend and her appointment had bipartisan support from legislators, including from Delegate Albo, the Chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee. She is very well regarded within the legal community and is more than qualified to serve on the highest court of the Commonwealth. Rejecting her appointment after members of their caucus initially recommended her, and after she was sworn in as a justice, reflects a lack of leadership from the Republican caucus and calls into question the motives behind this unprecedented move.”