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Tuesday News: Another VA Redistricting Lawsuit; Sanders “gives Liberty some old-time religion”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, September 15.

*Why is the media more interested in Hillary’s email than in Jeb’s profoundly dishonest tax pitch? (Great question!)

*The Donald Trump scandal he wants you to forget: Inside his despicable scheme to prey on the poor & make himself richer (“It’s not just Trump ‘University’: The Donald has an extensive history of exploiting the vulnerable and marginalized.” Yep, sounds like the Republican Party.)

*More Americans Have Been Shot to Death in the Last 25 Years Than Have Died in Every War (Yet we take no action about this situation. Thank you NRA and politicians in the NRA’s pocket.)

*Why Bernie Sanders’s rise is more impressive than Donald Trump’s (Sanders’ “leads aren’t Trump-size – at least not yet – but they were secured without the wall-to-wall media coverage that attends Trump, without the name recognition Trump brought to the race, and against a much stronger frontrunner than Trump faced.”

*Bernie Sanders Makes Rare Appeal to Evangelicals at Liberty University

*In Manassas, Bernie Sanders talks immigration, living wage, free tuition

*The right’s cynical, sinister shutdown plan: No one wants a shutdown – except demolition-minded wingnuts, who always get their way (“It’s a neat trick: make the government look feckless, and then point to that as an example of government fecklessness.”)

*Hot August Confirms That Long-Awaited Global Temperature Speed Up Is Here (I know I sound like a broken trecord, but the facts are the facts: we need to stop burning fossil fuels ASAP.)

*Krugman: Labour’s Dead Center (“On economic policy, in particular, the striking thing about the leadership contest was that every candidate other than Mr. Corbyn essentially supported the Conservative government’s austerity policies.”)

*Australia Just Changed Prime Ministers Out of the Blue. Again. (“Under Abbott, who has heavily promoted the country’s coal industry and flirted with outright climate change denialism, the country has become something of an outlier on environmental policy.” Good riddance, now time to oust Canada’s horrible Prime Minister Stephen Harper.)

*Watkins endorses Sturtevant as successor in key election for Senate control

*Climate coalition urges no new fossil fuel leasing off Virginia, other public areas (“‘The science is clear,’ the letter states. ‘To maintain a good chance of avoiding catastrophic levels of warming, the world must keep the vast majority of its remaining fossil fuels in the ground.'”)

*Dems: Goodlatte is GOP’s new guardian of gridlock

*McAuliffe’s embattled Supreme Court pick makes debut with tenure in doubt

*A third redistricting lawsuit targets Va. elections map

*Virginia Tourism Revenues Increase to $22.4 Billion in 2014

*Jeb Bush to fundraise for state Senate Republicans

*Our view: Sanders gives Liberty some old-time religion (“The loudest, most sustained applause came not for Sanders when he talked about income inequality, but for the student who asked him why his passionate defense of ‘the most vulnerable in society’ did not include unborn children. For many voters, social issues trump the economic ones.” Of course, in many ways social issues ARE economic issues.)

*Liberty University students react to Bernie Sanders (“Liberty University students were quick to underscore differences with Sen. Bernie Sanders on social issues like abortion, but also shared some compliments for the senator following his speech Monday at the school’s convocation.”)

*Another Beach probe in social services

*JLARC finds downtrend in K-12 spending

*D.C. area forecast: Nice warm days with low humidity through the week


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