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Friday News: Joaquin Shifts East; “Voodoo Never Dies;” “Something We Should Politicize”


Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, October 2.

*Clinton team sees political gift in McCarthy comment on Benghazi probe (A Republican admitted what anyone with half a brain already knew, that the Benghazi “investigation” was simply a right-wing smear campaign/witchhunt against Hillary Clinton. Duh.)
*Vatican: Meeting with Kim Davis doesn’t mean pope shares her views (I sure hope not, because Davis’ views are: a) repugnant; and b) antithetical to our system of government and the rule of law.)
*Krugman: Voodoo Never Dies (“…it’s straightforward and quite stark: Republicans support big tax cuts for the wealthy because that’s what wealthy donors want.”)
*Another infuriating, but unsurprising, gun tragedy (“…we shouldn’t have to wait for Congress to enact laws to combat what is clearly a crisis of gun violence.”)
*Warner supports bill to strengthen U.S.’ Iran policy
*As Governor, Bush Embraced His Inner “Veto Corleone” (“His 2,549 line-item vetoes cut millions of dollars from social programs, health centers, and projects backed by people who crossed him.”)
*Gun nuts, the ultimate thought police: Shutting down an open debate after yet another mass shooting (“A community college reels from a horrific massacre. The right tells us (again) to ignore the elephant in the room”)
*Let’s be honest, they’re idiots: The embarrassing truth about the unqualified, underprepared GOP field (“Becoming Madison” author Mike Signer nails it about the Republican 2016 presidential field.)
*Obama to Putin: Good luck with that (“U.S. officials are convinced Russia’s intervention in Syria will backfire.”)
*Obama On UCC Shooting: ‘This Is Something We Should Politicize’ (Actually, the gun lobby and the right wing politicized this a long time ago. The other 80% of the country needs to make their voices heard as well, loudly and clearly.)
*New maps for voting districts are on the way (“If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance that next November you’ll vote in a congressional district different from the one you’re in now. That’s because Virginia lawmakers drew boundaries for the 3rd congressional district in a way that was so absurd and so blatantly unconstitutional that federal judges struck it down and ordered it redrawn.”)
*Virginia Republicans Admit They Rigged The State’s Congressional Districts To Elect GOP Lawmakers
*Editorial: A gun-control proposal worth considering (“Those who object to the governor’s proposal probably should start asking whether Virginia is too tough on drunken drivers, too.”)
*McCollum’s jab about leadership draws Wagner’s ire during debate
*At Forum, Loudoun Board Candidates Wary Of Rail, Redskins Deals
*Virginia executes Alfredo Prieto
*NAACP calls for change in Fairfax
*Hurricane Joaquin forecast shifts farther from Hampton Roads
*Southwest Virginia gears up for another round of heavy rain
*Hurricane Joaquin turns further east, but more rain likely through Friday

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