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Resources to Help You Rebut Your GOP Friends about the Gowdy Kangaroo Court Hearings


by KathyinBlacksburg

It’s Kangaroo Court Day in Washington. Seven investigations have revealed that Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. But the GOP and the corporate media will have their day (again). I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. But I have had it with the continued false charges against Hillary Clinton. And I am “sick and tired” of the GOP’s lies, manipulations, and fabricated evidence.

So, I include below some convenient documents for you to defend Hillary. Use them to refresh your memory. Use them to refute your Tea Party uncle, or other misguided, FAUX-informed family members and friends. Of course they may never learn, but there are others who will hear and remember the facts presented to them. Some independents will be open to the facts as well. We want every single voter who is with us and every voter who might vote with us to know exactly how devious and untrustworthy Trey Gowdy and his cast of inquisitors are.

The main 124-page document is here. And an excellent and shorter reference from Media Matters is here.

For all the posturing, fabrications of the GOP and doctoring of documents (yes, the CIA indicates that inquisitor Trey Gowdy actually did that), you would think there is any reason at all besides politics to keep up the charade. Read about that here. Trey even accidentally released classified information himself.

Meanwhile, prominent Republicans admitted the investigations were politically motivated and Gowdy’s response was to tell his party members to “shut up.” The supposedly cost-conscious Republicans have dropped millions of taxpayer money. But they wouldn’t fund heightened security at embassies and outposts in countries with no embassies. Four people died in Libya under terrible circumstances. The security budget for State was cut by some of the same Republicans yelling an screaming now. I’d like to see a hearing/investigation on all the havoc and damage the shut -er down Republicans have caused. They are playing fast and loose with our nation’s security, our economy and just about everything else just to be contrarians and obstructionists. It’s a relentlessly cynical GOP operation.

The media would have you believe that this GOP wrecking ball can be saved by Paul Ryan. That is just a persistently false media meme. But that is material for a another diary I will post very soon.