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Thursday News: With Today’s Republican Party, the “Centre Cannot Hold?”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, October 8. Also, check out those photos from McLean last night by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Republican candidates’ dangerous incoherence on guns (And sick as well.)
It’s time to hold America’s gunmakers accountable
Solar and Wind Just Passed Another Big Turning Point (“It has never made less sense to build fossil fuel power plants.”)
House conservatives flex muscle, spurn McCarthy ahead of speaker vote (The lines, “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world” come to mind with today’s Republican Party)
California Governor Signs Ambitious Renewable Energy Bill Into Law (Every state, including Virginia, should be doing this…it’s a no brainer.)
With Ben Carson, the Doctor Is Always Out (It’s hard to decide whether Trump, Carson, or Fiorina are more appalling. Right now, I’d give the slight edge to Carson for utter lunacy.)
Carly Fiorina’s war on math: Her pixie-dust plan to balance the budget and make America perfect (“When even ‘Morning Joe’ is laughing at you, you know you’ve gone wrong”)
Why Kevin McCarthy needs to watch his back (“You think John Boehner had a rocky time as speaker of the House? Just wait until you see how his successor fares this fall.”)
Hillary Clinton says she does not support Trans-Pacific Partnership (You can’t get any more blatantly, transparently political than this.)
Biden: Republicans ‘beating’ on Hispanics
Congress agrees on defense plan that would raise Navy pay, fund projects in Hampton Roads
Shut Down the Benghazi Committee (Yep, it should have never been started up in the first place.)
McAuliffe says his redistricting plan deserves ‘special deference’
Court orders secrecy in redrawing of 3rd District
Virginia unveils new school accreditation ratings (I’m generally not a fan of this, as I think it penalizes lower-income and ESL-intensive schools.)
Advocacy group calls for ‘real change’ in Virginia’s juvenile justice system policy
Virginia state employees kick off annual charity drive
Attorneys ask appeals court to put Maureen McDonnell case on hold
Challenger takes aim at Frank Wagner’s travel, gifts record (Wagner richly deserves that criticism.)
State Sen. Martin adds new job as Uber driver (A much better job for this nut than State Senator, although I certainly wouldn’t want to share a car with him and listen to his noxious, bigoted spewings.)
D.C. area forecast: Abundant sun today, showers late Friday; superb holiday weekend


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