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Video: Gov. Terry McAuliffe Says He Doesn’t Find House GOP Dysfunction Amusing, That It’s “Crippling Our Area”


I stronly agree with Gov. McAuliffe’s take on Republican dysfunction in the House of Representatives. Like him, I don’t find this situation amusing and I’m not looking at it from a Democratic perspective for the most part, but as a concerned American. And from that perspective, I believe what Republicans are (not) doing in Congress is harmful to our nation, which has a lot of pressing problems to deal with and a bunch of opportunities we could grab if Republicans would stop standing in the way. But again, we’re not doing it, thanks to Republicans’ utter unwillingness and inability to govern. To quote Gov. McAuliffe:

I gotta tell you…I’m disgusted. Forget being a Democrat, I’m talking about being Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia with all of these assets that we have. Sequestration.  These guys cannot make a decision, so they’ve kicked the can down the road ’til December 11 on sequestration. We now have the debt ceiling coming up on November 5. We have a highway trust fund…that they cannot put permanent financing towards. If this highway trust fund doesn’t get done, in Virginia  I stop 300+ project, a billion dollars I lose.  These guys have got to get their act together. I’m competing on a global basis every single day…and by the inaction in Congress...it’s the same thing as a slow-motion sequestration…This is crippling our area….really inhibiting our ability to be competitive on a global basis.

P.S. On another topic, Gov. McAuliffe had some strong words: “They all ask about gun control, so they immediately come back to us and say it’s not gun control, it’s mental illness. Well let me be clear; the same people who have thwarted my efforts to get commonsense gun restrictions are the same people who thwart me on putting more money into mental illness. You can’t have it both ways.”


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