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Sunday News: “The GOP’s anti-modern rage;” Jeff Schapiro Lays Out Virginia Election Scenarios


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, November 1. Also, check out that disgusting photo and make sure you get out to vote Democratic on Tuesday!

  • Paul Krugman has taught them nothing: Republicans would tank the economy again, given another chance
  • Officials Work to Find Cause of Russian Airliner Crash
  • Obama’s choices on wars reflect a delicate balancing act
  • GOP hates the media because they are liars: The damning, evil history of the right’s war on a free press (“The real story behind CNBC debate, and Fox News’ very existence, comes down to the right’s fear of being exposed”)
  • The GOP’s anti-modern rage: What Republican anger at the CNBC moderators tells us about the party
  • Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush Draw Contrasts With Each Other at Iowa Event
  • Schapiro: Things could get better, but they’ll likely get worse (Either the “improbable” and “possible” scenario would work nicely.)
  • Virginia’s Democrats aim to offset GOP advantage on election day (“Democrats, led by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, want to retake the state Senate in Tuesday’s election. At stake is the political power to set legislative initiatives, and, for Democrats, to force Republicans to the bargaining table.”)
  • Senate election results will influence McAuliffe agenda
  • Our view: What’s at stake Tuesday (and what’s not) (“So, the question voters really face on Tuesday is not which senator you want to represent you in Richmond, but which party do you want in control?”)
  • Small swings in turnout could tip 21st Senate race, balance of power (“The 21st District is in a three-way race between longtime incumbent Democrat Sen. John Edwards, Republican Nancy Dye and independent Donald Caldwell.”)
  • Editorial: Senate race could decide control of chamber (The Republican Times-Disgrace editorial board is correct that the Gecker vs. Sturtevant race could very well decide control of the State Senate, but they are totally wrong to support Sturtevant — and hence continued Republican control of that chamber.)
  • Chase faces Powell in 11th Senate District (Chase is a Tea Party far right wingnut. ‘Nuff said.)
  • Electing more women to a state Senate a few X chromosomes shy of sensible
  • In Norfolk, Trump announces plan to improve veterans’ care (Yeah, suuuuure he will.)
  • 20th District challenger’s office vandalized (“The graffiti, written in orange paint, read: ‘Back off, B—-‘ and also featured a crudely drawn target symbol.”)
  • Budget woes define election in Virginia’s largest jurisdiction (“Fairfax’s new Board of Supervisors will face tough choices on raising revenues and cutting services.”)
  • McAuliffes open Executive Mansion for trick-or-treaters
  • A plan for Norfolk to survive (“If the rising seas are a problem for a place like Norfolk – among the most vulnerable in America – they also present an opportunity to diversify the economy and bring people together around solutions.”)
  • For its new leader, Metro appears focused on shoring up its bottom line (“Transit agency’s operational and safety issues fall outside prospective GM Neal Cohen’s fiscal expertise.”)
  • D.C. area forecast: Not too spooky today, rain odds up a bit Sunday, and a storm system to watch
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