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Video: Democrat LuAnn Bennett Kicks Off Campaign for Congress Against Donald Trump Endorsee Barbara Comstock


by Lowell

It’s great to see a strong Democratic challenge to GOP “attack dog” Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-10th). To learn more about LuAnn Bennett, watch her video; check out her Facebook page and website, and see my post about her.  As for the Republicans’ silly attacks on Bennett about where she lives, note that she raised her family and owned a home in the 10th district for 32 of the last 35 years, and now is back in McLean. So much for THAT line of attack. #FAIL

Oh, and to learn more about GOP “attack dog” Barbara Comstock, see Barbara Comstock Adds “Birther” and All-Around Nut Donald Trump to Her List of Crazy Endorsers, Comstock Endorsed by Far-Right-Wing Bigot Who Called Obama a “Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead”, Does Barbara Comstock Agree with Sean Hannity That…, Tea Party Candidate Rips Barbara Comstock for Skipping Debates, Voting Obama: “Barbara, You Lie!”, Rep. Connolly Communications Director Calls Out Comstock Hypocrisy on Silver Line, Barbara “Koch Lobbyist” Comstock to Finally Meet with Tea Party – In Secret, Press “Uninvited”, Top Political Analyst: Barbara Comstock “Uniquely Polarizing”, Video: Barbara Comstock Runs Away from Reporter After Debate, etc, etc. This should be a fun campaign, listening to Comstock’s explanations for her support from extremists and bigots like Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, plus of course her far-right-wing, way-out-of-the-mainstream views on issue after issue. 🙂


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