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What Virginia Could Get for $64M (Instead of a Tax Break for Big Business)


by ProgressVA

Governor McAuliffe’s recently proposed corporate tax break plan is problematic in a number of ways, but perhaps the most troublesome aspect is the misplaced priorities it represents. At a time when our local schools are missing more than 11,000 staff positions, tuition rates at our colleges and universities are skyrocketing, and working families are struggling to get by (many on a minimum wage that remains stuck at $7.25 an hour), this tax plan is an investment in big corporations instead of Virginia working families and the small businesses that power our economy.

Governor McAuliffe, there are better things for Virginia to invest in. Here are a few things that Virginia could do with $64 million:

  • 8,230 Pre-K slots, or
  • 440 Police officers, or
  • 2,370 child care subsidies for low-income working parents, or
  • 1,290 full-rides, including tuition, room, and board, at the University of Virginia, or
  • 7,490 students who could receive free tuition and fees at Virginia’s community colleges, or
  • 1,010 home health aides, or
  • 450 school staff, or
  • 451 additional waivers for individuals with intellectual disabilities for Medicaid coverage, or
  • 970 additional waivers for individuals with developmental disabilities for Medicaid coverage

One tax break for big business or one of these investments in education, public safety, or public health?

Any of these items would be a far better choice than this corporate welfare.

Governor McAuliffe, we urge you to re-think your plan and invest in Virginia families.

– ProgressVA


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