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Virginia Del. Lionell Spruill Accuses Republicans of Playing Racial Games; Speaker Howell Warns Him to Watch His Language


UPDATE 5:18 pm: I just got the full video and posted it to YouTube and here as well. Enjoy! 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the entire speech by Del. Lionell Spruill (D-Chesapeake), because it was a doozy. Basically, Spruill accused Republicans of nominating an African-American judge (Rossie Alston) to the Virginia Supreme Court as part of their efforts to force McAuliffe appointee Justice Jane Roush off the bench. According to Spruill, putting up an African American is one of the “oldest tricks in the book.” Spruill also charged that there’s no way that Republicans would have moved to kick Roush off the Supreme Court if she had been black. Hopefully, I’ll get the full video later. For now, check out what I DID get.

Spruill: Some are saying that I wonder what would happen had that lady that the governor appoints – whether it was right or wrong – what happens if she was black? I wonder would you all would have challenged that then. Hmmm. I wonder about that. Some sitting here saying, well Spruill…

***At this point, Speaker Howell jumps in, cuts off Del. Spruill and warns him to be “a little bit careful of his language…the people on this side of the aisle”***

I apologize Mr. Speaker. I apologize Mr. Speaker. Yes sir, I will. To all of you, the question is why should we vote for anybody. Not because a person’s black or white. I’m just saying the gentleman is put up because the governor put the lady on the bench. And if someone don’t like that and put up another challenge and try to use blacks as saying we should vote for it. I’m asking you all to stick with the governor.

The Republican-controlled House of Delegates then proceeded to approve the nomination of Rossie Alston to the Virginia Supreme Court. Now it’s up to the State Senate, where the situation has been deadlocked for weeks.

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