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E.W. Jackson Rips ThinkProgress, “George Soros funded left,” Blue Virginia Over His Scrambled “Emergency” Call


See below for E.W. Jackson’s Facebook post in which he rips Think Progress (he calls it “Think Propaganda” – hahahaha, hilarious!) and the “George Soros funded left” (whatever that is) for writing to the “Virginia State Police about Captain Steve Lambert appearing on my weekly conference call” and resulting in Lambert not appearing. I’m also happy to see ol’ EW didn’t attacking Blue Virginia (although we’re a “tool” of nobody, unlike EW), since we reported this story first.

Dear Friends,

As you know, STAND is a nonprofit organization. We do not endorse candidates and we are not partisan but principled. Tomorrow we planned to have State Police Captain Steve Lambert talk about the threats to our law enforcement officers, the hateful anti-police rhetoric, propaganda being spewed by the likes of Black Lives Matter and the ongoing threat of Islamic terrorism. These issues are not Republican, Democrat or Independent. They are American issues. That doesn’t stop the George Soros funded left from from attacking us as “controversial” and “partisan.”

That’s what the left wing rag euphemistically named “Think Progress” alleged when they contacted the Virginia State Police under the guise of making a press inquiry. It would be more aptly named “Think Propaganda.” Actually the problem with these folks is that the don’t think at all.

Think Progress wrote to the Virginia State Police about Captain Steve Lambert appearing on my weekly conference call tomorrow. Here is what they said:

Ms. Geller,
My name is Josh Israel and I’m a reporter with ThinkProgress in Washington, DC.

I see that Captain Lambert, commander of the Criminal Intelligence Division in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, is participating in a conference call – in that capacity – with Bishop E.W. Jackson’s STAND tomorrow. According to the announcement, he will be speaking about the threat of “Islamic terrorism” and the Black Lives Matter movement’s criticism of police violence. Jackson is a highly controversial political figure and a partisan – indeed he was the 2013 Republican nominee for Lt. Governor.

Captain Lambert was forced to withdraw. Since when is support for police a partisan issue? Since the left made hating police one of their key doctrines. Think Progress is not press. They are nothing more than cop hating surrogates for George Soros. To buttress their claim, they cited Blue Virginia, another leftist tool.

There is no better proof of the impact STAND is having than that we live rent free in their warped minds. We don’t normally read anything they write because any truth in it is by accident. However, they apparently are watching everything we put out. The truth must hurt, but they keep coming back for more.

Help us to continue bringing you important and accurate information. Make a generous donation to STAND today. That will hit them where it hurts. Donate here: http://standamerica.us/donate-to-stand/

We are still going on with the Conference call, and our replacement guest is a 25 year veteran of law enforcement, Marty Williams.

This is important. Please join us for this

Conference #: (712) 432-0900

Police officers deserve our support, and we’re not going to allow anti-cop sentiment from the left to stop us from doing all we can to uphold the good law enforcement officers of this nation.

For God & Country,

E.W. Jackson Sr.

Founder & National President

P.S. Send an email to tips@ThinkProgress.org, and tell them to THINK about the upsurge in the number of police officers being assaulted and murdered instead of attacking the people who want to do something about it.


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