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Replace every trash bin with a new integrated recycling and trash disposal bin!


by Lisa Sockett

Students at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia, are petitioning the high school to upgrade its recycling efforts by replacing current trash and recycle bins with integrated waste receptacles with clearly labeled bins for “recyclables” and “landfill.” Students are concerned that the current blue recycling bins at the school are being treated as regular trash cans by a majority of students, undermining the school’s recycling effort.

In their petition, the students note, “Schools produce an astounding amount of waste every single day…Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which helps to reduce the amount of deadly methane gas, harmful chemicals, and greenhouse gasses emitted into the air.”

A major benefit of integrated disposal bins is that they decrease the distance between recycling bins and trashcans, making it easier to throw out and recycle appropriate items.  In addition, the clear signage on the new receptacles would encourage people to place their waste in the appropriate bin.

Although the current petition addresses only Yorktown High School, more widespread use of integrated recycling bins in all public buildings in Arlington (and across Virginia) would increase the effectiveness of our recycling efforts and, consequently, decrease our community’s impact on the environment.

Please support better recycling in Arlington by signing this petition and spreading the word about integrated recycling bins. Thank you!

Lisa Sockett, Yorktown High School Parent, Arlington

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