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Video: Don Beyer Holds Town Hall Meeting at at Arlington’s Aurora Hills Community Center.


Rep. Don Beyer – my congressman – held this town hall meeting last night in Arlington. I couldn’t make it, as I was busy watching Max Scherzer strike out 9 of the first 10 Cubs, en route to victory, but here’s video from the town hall and some highlights via Rep. Beyer’s Facebook page.

Congressman Don Beyer

Answering a question which hundreds of you have asked in the last two days: “In the wake of Orlando, what is your position on reforms to prevent gun violence and mass shootings?” I am working with my colleagues to push important gun reforms forward including the Assault Weapons Ban, bills to expand background checks, and restrictions on the capacity of ammunition magazines. I have also offered new reforms of my own, including the ATF Enforcement Act, which would remove limitations Congress has placed on the ATF’s ability to enforce existing gun restrictions.

Answering a question now about how and when (/if?) Congress works together to accomplish things to help the American people. There are some! My work across the aisle to advance legislation to allow localities like Arlington to regulate towing, my work with Rep. McSally on the Human Cosmetics Act to protect animals from hazardous chemicals testing, and my work to pass my first bill – the Science Prize Act – through colleagues on the Science Committee are a few. But on some of the really big issues like‪#‎ClimateChange‬, ‪#‎EqualPay‬, and ‪#‎GunViolence‬, I have to be honest: it has been hard to find collaborators across the aisle.

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