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Video: Protest, Vigil for Orlando at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia


Check out the video of this morning’s protest at NRA headquarters in Fairfax to protest gun violence, attended by 200+ people. The first speaker was Sen. Adam Ebbin, who notes “I went to a gay bar just blocks from where the shooter lived in Port St. Lucie, Florida, and it just crossed my mind that it could have been any of us…and if the NRA has its way, it will happen again.” Del. Kathleen Murphy noted that she is “the sister of a murdered brother; I know what it is like to get that phone call a member of your family has been murdered…I do not understand why we have elected officials who will prostitute themselves to the NRA…it is time for us as voters to demand [the politicians’] attention…background checks save lives.” Del. Jennifer Boysko said she comes from the Deep South where many members of her own family own guns, but even they agree “that access to firearms at this level – high capacity firearms – is absolutely ridiculous, they give unstable people the ability to cause mass murder, and it’s not ok…We’ve got to take action…your vote counts in every single election…stand up against this NRA lobby…enough is enough.” Virginia Tech mom Lori Haas, who said this “carnage of gun violence that visits our community on a daily basis,” and if politicians won’t do their jobs to keep our communities safe, we need to vote them out of office.


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