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Cooch Compares GOP Rules Committee to North Korea, Gets Absolutely RIPPED On His Own Facebook Page


Ken Cuccinelli compares the GOP rules committee to North Korea political convention, gets absolutely ripped to shreds on his own Facebook page (see top-rated comment highlights below). Note that normally, the comments on Cooch’s Facebook page are along the lines of “atta boy!”, “ditto!” and “I agree with you 1,000,000%!!!!”  Not this time; has “the Cooch” lost his touch? LOL

“Time for you to remove yourself from the process, Cuccinelli. Comparing it to N Korea because the delegates are bound to follow the votes of the state they represent?? That is as it should be!! I’m glad you, Lee, and Cruz failed. If Trump loses in November, it will be because of some of the planks in the platform that are not backed by the majority of the voters who are or lean Republican.”

“Um…. No, this is nothing like North Korea. 13,000,000 people vote for a candidate and you want 28 people to throw out all their votes? THAT is like North Korea. That IS North Korea. I am DONE being a supporter of Senate Conservatives Fund. I love what you guys do and stand for, but you have ruined it for me completely.”

“I was Cruz supporter, I was disappointed to see him lose, but he did. You’re trying to destroy the Republican Party’s only chance at winning at this point. To think that someone who calls himself a conservative, who has the track record that you have would so blatantly disrupt the process at this point is mind-boggling. You should be at this point getting behind the nominee. If you can’t abide by the rules set forth in the Republican Party that you agreed to when you become a delegate, I believe that speaks volumes. Are you a man of your word? Or not?…”

“This guy is so self absorbed it is ridiculous. Claiming to be a Republucan yet lobbying to ensure a Republican loss because “stands on principle”. Grow up idiot. Our Country faced lethal devastation and you carry on like a 3rd grader.”

Etc, etc, etc.


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