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Flashback to 2009: Virginia Tea Partier Suggests Use of “Bullet Box” if “Ballot Box” Not Sufficient


Donald Trump’s insane, dangerous comments today had me flashing back to this post, from July 16, 2009 (in which Virginia Tea Partier Catherine Crabill suggests turning to the “bullet box” if the “ballot box” is not sufficient). Does this type of violent, crazed far-right-wing rhetoric sound familiar? So…are Republicans like Barbara Comstock and Ed Gillespie FINALLY going to denounce Trump and/or pull their endorsements? Or is even THIS latest outrage from Trump not a step too far?

I would say that this is incredible, but sadly I’m not surprised at all given the collection of right-wing extremists (Jeff Frederick, Ken Cuccinelli, Bob McDonnell, Bob Marshall, etc.) making up the Republican Party of Virginia. And before all you trolls out there come on here wailing about how Catherine Crabill is a batshit crazy aberration, I would point out to you that the Republican crowd listening to her call for violent, armed revolution against the United States of America is not booing, they’re cheering her. Also, let’s see if Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, Ken Cuccinelli, or any other “leading” Virginia Republican condemns this woman’s insane, dangerous rhetoric? Wait, is that the sound of crickets chirping I hear? Right, that’s what I thought. Case closed.

h/t: NLS

UPDATE: The Huffington Post picks up the story.

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