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Trump Endorser Ed Gillespie’s Far-Right “Policy Leadership Team”


Courtesy of Bearing Drift, here is Trump endorser and presumptive 2017 Virginia GOP gubernatorial favorite Ed Gillespie’s “Let’s Grow, Virginia!” Policy Leadership Team, with my comments after most of the names (I’ll try to add more later). Enjoy!

Committee Co-Chairs
House Majority Leader Kirk Cox (the far-right and corporate-owned/operated Virginia House Majority Leader) and Senator Mark Obenshain (the guy wanted to criminalize miscarriages! ’nuff said)

Steering Committee Members
Delegate Kathy Byron (sponsored HB462,”a bill that would require that Virginia women seeking an abortion would have to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound”)
Delegate Terry Kilgore (see Tobacco Commission grants go to Kilgore family connections for an idea about how this guy operates)
Delegate Ron Villanueva (see Susan Hippen Campaign: Virginia Delegate Ron Villanueva “Out of Step on Ethics Reform”)
Senator Ryan McDougle (see Hilarious: VA Right-Wingnut Sen. Ryan McDougle Gets a Taste of His Own (Transvaginal) Medicine!)
Senator David Suetterlein (Former Cuccinelli staffer – again, ’nuff said.)

Working Group Chairs

Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy
Delegate Michael Webert (latest score from the League of Conservation Voters = 11%), Delegate Will Morefield (latest score from the League of Conservation Voters = ZERO) and Senator Ben Chafin (per Ivy Main, “Chafin has a proven record fighting for the coal industry. Ben sponsored successful legislation (House Bill 1261) to fight against Obama EPA’s effort to kill the industry through over-regulation. Ben will continue to work in Richmond to protect coal and grow other Southwest industries like natural gas.”)

Education & Workforce Development
Delegate Tag Greason (see Del. Greason to constituent: How ‘intellectually lazy’ are you?), Delegate Dave LaRock (see Bigoted Virginia Delegate Claims Loudoun County LGBT Pride Month “imposing the extreme views of a few on many”) and Senator Steve Newman

Government Reform & Efficiency
Delegate Steve Landes and Senator Glen Sturtevant

Health & Human Resources
Delegate John O’Bannon, M.D. (see John O’Bannon’s Campaign Goes Completely Bonkersand Senator Siobhan Dunnavant, M.D.

Jobs & Economic Growth
Delegate Danny Marshall and Senator Frank Ruff (see Sen. McEachin Assails Sen. Ruff’s “Tar Baby” Remarks as “Insensitive, Inaccurate and Inappropriate”)

Mental Health, Addiction & Recovery
Delegate Joseph Yost and Delegate Roxann Robinson

Public Safety
Delegate Todd Gilbert (see Virginia Legislator Kills Employment Protections Because Anti-LGBT Discrimination ‘Doesn’t Exist’) and Senator Ryan McDougle (see Hilarious: VA Right-Wingnut Sen. Ryan McDougle Gets a Taste of His Own (Transvaginal) Medicine!)

Delegate Tim Hugo (see Every One of These Anti-Metro GOP Virginia Delegates Needs to Be Defeated in 2017) and Senator Bill Carrico (see Virginia State Senate Moves Ahead on Electoral College-Rigging Bill)

Veterans & Military Affairs
Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (see Virginia Del. Scott Lingamfelter (R) Wants Brandishing a Gun at Someone to be LEGAL in Virginia) and Senator John Cosgrove (see VA Legislative Sentry: Have a Miscarriage, Go to JAIL?)


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