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Video: A Few Interesting Exchanges in the Recent Richmond Mayoral Debate


There was a fascinating debate in Richmond last Thursday between Mayoral candidates that is well worth watching (click here to do so). For now, I just wanted to highlight what I think were a few of the more interesting exchanges of the evening. By the way, having watched many debates over the years, I really enjoyed watching this one – very entertaining and also informative. Nice job by the candidates!

First, check out this pointed exchange between Joe Morrissey (supposedly the leader in the race, if you believe the recent poll by CNU’s Wason Center) and Levar Stoney (in 5th place in that same poll, but with a LOT of money plus recent endorsements by the Richmond City Democratic Committee, the Richmond Education Association, the head of the Democratic Party of Virginia, Gov. McAuliffe, etc, etc.) over experience (or, as Morrissey charges, lack thereof).

Second, here’s a VERY pointed exchange in which Lawrence Williams, Sr. basically accuses Joe Morrissey of exploiting Richmond’s African-American community. Morrissey, not surprisingly, completely rejects the entire premise of the question.

Third, Joe Morrissey takes an opportunity to bash one of Levar Stoney’s major accomplishments — Gov. McAuliffe’s announcement that he would be restoring the voting rights of ex felons in Virginia. According to Morrissey, the idea behind it was great, but the execution was botched.

Fourth, Jon Baliles asks Levar Stoney about whether he’d be a full-time mayor or continue to spend a significant part of his time on politics.

Finally, in this segment Levar Stoney asks Jack Berry about Berry’s support for a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom that Stoney says “the people did not want.”


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