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Audio: On WTOP, Gov. McAuliffe Demolishes “Irresponsible,” “Tinfoil Hat” Wall St. Journal Story


Great answers to idiotic questions by the “journalists” at WTOP’s “Ask the Governor” show. Here’s a partial excerpt, bolding added by me for emphasis.

I’m embarrassed…that you even have to ask the question. Just go to FactCheck.org today – the Annenberg School of Journalism — just ripped that story to shreds: irresponsible journalism…so beyond the pale...I was trying to win the State Senate back [in 2015]…one [pickup opportunity] was Jill McCabe against Dick Black…She was recruited by my Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, who is a doctor…Guess when he recruited her? February, long before there was even the first story about an email. Now unless I live in a time machine and I am so smart and I am such a psychic that I get into the time machine and I say oh, this story’s going to come out on emails, and a year after I meet with there…I mean this is baseless, this is bad innuendo, this is why people hate politics…We wanted to recruit a female doctor because we were running against Dick Black…who handed out plastic baby fetuses on the floor of the General Assembly in Richmond…She was recruited by my Lt. Governor with Sen. McEachin…long before any stories had come out…This story should never have been printed…it is beyond comprehension… irresponsible journalism…I supported her for one reason, she would be a great [Senator]…This has been debunked, journalists have all laughed at this story…Now, I know Rupert Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal…Next week [dripping with sarcasm], I will be in charge of Benghazi.

I didn’t know what Jeremy McPike’s spouse did, I didn’t know what Gary McCollum’s spouse did, I’m not sure what John Edwards’ spouse does. I just don’t know, it is NOT my responsibility. She was recruited, she was a great candidate. And I am offended; you know I work hard to try and recruit women to run for office. This has not been a good experience for Dr. McCabe, it’s unfortunate. She was referred to in the Wall St. Journal as “FBI spouse;” I find that highly offensive…Even with all of that, this happened before any knowledge of any emails actually came out…I’m a big boy, I get it, you know, I live in the Clinton bat cave with everyone else, and you guys with your tinfoil hats on, every conspiracy going…but it is unfair to this woman…this story has been resoundingly criticized by journalists across the country, irresponsible [journalism]…FactCheck.org just rips it to shreds.


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