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Video: Richmond Mayoral Candidates Go After Each Other in Debate Closing Statements


The latest Richmond Mayoral debate (the only live, televised one apparently) just ended a few minutes ago. Here are the closing statements, in which the candidates went after each other as follows.

1. Joe Morrissey argued that he is the “only progressive Democrat on this stage tonight,” obviously suggesting that nobody else is.
2. Michelle Mosby went after pretty much everyone: “I need you not to choose because our dad was a former governor…because our great governor has chose[n] a candidate…because one of the candidates has had great success in Hanover…because one of the candidates is a great attorney or even because I’m just your friend.”
3. Levar Stoney took a shot at all the other candidates, but particularly at Joe Morrissey: “All my opponents here on the stage have had a hand in city government for upwards of 20 years, yet our problems still persist; many like to question my experience, tonight I question their record…We do not need a mayor who will isolate this city or who will keep us on the front pages for anything uncomplimentary because of professional misconduct; we need a mayor that we can actually trust.”
4. Jack Berry said the city government is “dysfunctional,” that Richmond needs someone with experience, that’s “going to unite the community,” that “this is no time for on-the-job training” or for a “politician”/”political operative.”
5. Jon Baliles asked, “Do you want a mayor who everyone wants to work with or do you want a mayor who nobody wants to work with?”

In short, with just over three weeks to go until election day, things are “getting real” in the Richmond Mayor’s race! Should be an interesting final sprint…


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