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Video: Virginia 6th CD Congressional Debate


Watch as Democrat Kai Degner kicks (Mis)Representative Bob BADLatte’s…er, Goodlatte’s sorry behind in the 6th CD debate earlier today. I found it particularly amusing when Goodlatte, first elected in 1992 (that’s 24 years ago – 12 terms) and has basically done nothing during that time except to block stuff, criticized Degner, age 36, for essentially being a career politician (ha!) because he serves on a city council. Meanwhile, Goodlatte, age 64, pledged back in 1992 to only serve for 12 years, yet 24 years later he’s still there, doing nothing to help the people of his district. If that’s not the epitome of a politician who needs to be sent off to retirement, I don’t know what is.


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