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Video: “Are You Smarter Than Gary Johnson?”


After getting an all-time Blue Virginia record of 941,000 views (so far – it’s still increasing!) on this post (“Handy Positions Table for Any Progressive, Environmentalist, Millennial, etc. Even Thinking About Voting for Gary Johnson”), a number of which were from rabid Gary Johnson fans, I’m definitely in the mood for comedians to make fun of this buffoon. Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel has obliged – check it out! Oh, and on November 8 (or earlier, since you can vote early in Virginia and many other states), if you’re a progressive or environmentalist or anyone who cares about the future of our country, make sure you do not, under any circumstances, vote for Johnson (or Trump, obviously, or wacky Jill Stein). Thanks.

P.S. On a much more serious note, If You Care About Climate Change You Can’t Vote For Gary Johnson.

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