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It’s Time to Retire Dave Brat


brat_and_trump2Dave Brat–

1- Opposes any gun legislation, even to keep weapons out of the hands of suspected terrorists.

2- Opposes women’s rights to control their bodies.

3- Denies the danger of climate change.

4- Favors school vouchers.

5- Opposes federal government action to protect the environment.

6- Opposes comprehensive immigration reform.

7- Favors redesigning Social Security and Medicare to lower the amount of benefits for seniors.

8- Wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

9- Believes that conservatives “own” the tradition of Christian love.

Further, only one of the bills he has introduced in the House of Representatives has become law. He has failed as a legislator.

I ask, “what has Dave Brat done for me in Congress?” My answer–nothing.

I ask, “do Dave Brat’s positions represent my views?” My answer–no.

I ask, “has Dave Brat earned two-more years in Congress?” My answer–no.

We can’t afford two more years of Dave Brat.

Vote for Eileen Bedell in the Virginia 7th District.

For more information or to contribute to Eileen’s campaign AND to help vote out Dave Brat, just click below:






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