Thursday, June 24, 2021
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It’s Time to Retire Dave Brat

Dave Brat-- 1- Opposes any gun legislation, even to keep weapons out of the hands of suspected terrorists. 2- Opposes women's rights to control their bodies. 3-...

Dave Brat: Extreme on Guns

(originally posted in DailyKos) Too late for this legislative session but in time to try to satisfy his base, Dave Brat has published an article...

Eileen Bedell: Common Sense on Guns

Originally published in Daily Kos Eileen Bedell, Democratic candidate for the 7th District congressional seat, is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to our...

Dave Brat Would Repeal Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Sources

Previously published in DailyKos Although Dave Brat says he favors energy independence, he cosponsored HR 1901, the PTC Elimination Act. According to the Congressional Research...

Dave Brat Wants to Cripple EPA

Originally published in DailyKos Dave Brat voted for HR 5538, the Department of the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations Act 2017. This bill may...

Why Would Dave Brat Deprive Government of Needed Revenues

Previously published in DailyKos Dave Brat cosponsored HR 6098, the "Transparent Recognition of Unjustified Tax Hoarding in Government Act of 2016 or the TRUTH...

Why We Can’t Reelect Dave Brat

(Originally Published in DailyKos Dave Brat is not an ordinary politician. He does not compromise. He does not make deals. He is a true believer....

Dave Brat Would Kill Wall Street Watchdog

Originally published on Daily Kos Dave Brat cosponsored HR 3118, "To eliminate the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection by repealing title X of the Dodd-Frank...