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National Election Results 2016: Live Blog



12:47 pm: Goodnight, good people. The sun will rise tomorrow and it will be a new day regardless of all of this. “We shall never surrender” — Winston Churchill

11:48 pm: Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but my 270towin map, if Hillary holds PA, MI, & NH has an Electoral College tie. Then it comes down to faithless electors, House of Representatives?

11:38 pm: Fox calls Iowa and Wisconsin for Trump.  Very tough. A few bright spots — Clinton and Cortez Masto winning in Nevada, Darrell Issa losing in California — but…lots of not-goodness.

11:28 pm: Wow, Republican Ron Johnson pulls it out and beats Russ Feingold for Wisconsin Senate.  Joe McCarthy’s Wisconsin triumphing over Bob LaFollette’s.

11:12 pm: In the good news department, Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ just lost…

11:10 pm: North Carolina called for the head of Trump University.

11:01 pm: Just remember, folks, if we don’t like the results of this election, we can just say it’s all rigged and not accept it! 🙂

10:55 pm: Florida called for Mr. Bigot.

10:44 pm: For those in search of good news, Florida just rejected a utility-written initiative to make customers pay more for their solar panels. yay.

10:30 pm: Colorado called for Hillary.

10:24 pm: NBC calls Ohio for the p***y-grabber.

10:13 pm: AP & Fox News call NC Senate seat for Republican Richard Burr.  Senate odds iffy for Democrats.

10:11 pm: Reminder: keep breathing in and out, folks. Breathing is conducive to good health!

9:58 pm: Fox calls Virginia for Clinton.

9:49 pm: Key folks like Nate Cohn and Harry Enten pretty sure Hillary will win Virginia. Other swing states still swinging…

9:30 pm: So far, this election night has been like pulling the band-aid off follicle by follicle…

9:23 pm: Detroit Free Press calls Michigan for Clinton — key parts of the Blue Wall still holding — C’mon, Virginia!

9:16 pm: While you may like the ones who don’t get captured, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is projected to win his Senate seat…

9:10 pm: Nate Cohn at NY Times pointing out that Trump keeping swing states competitive with a strong turnout of white rural voters, outperforming Romney, says “This could be a long night.”

9:05 pm: One correction, I said Florida had legalized marijuana — that’s for medical purposes only, okay?

8:50 pm: ABC and NBC projecting that Republicans will maintain control of the House (as pretty much everyone expected, though it was nice to dream for a while, until Jim Comey shut all that down…)

8:39 pm: And in stoner news, Florida has voted to legalize pot, dude!

8:28 pm: NBC has called the Indiana Senate race for Republican Todd Young over Democrat Evan Bayh.  While I’m no fan of Bayh, this complicates our chances for a Democratic Senate – need more wins!!

8:20 pm: Another Dem House pickup in Florida: Former governor Charlie Crist beats GOP Rep. David Jolly in FL-13.

8:17 pm: As it has been in the polls, Florida is super tight – basically a tie with 85% counted.

8:08 pm: And a bummer — Florida Senate race called for Marco Rubio, per NPR. Boo…

8:05 pm: First Democratic Senate pickup (per HuffPost) is Tammy Duckworth beating GOP incumbent Mark Kirk — yes!!

7:57 pm: Clinton’s vote total in Florida has already surpassed Obama’s: 4,225,249 so far vs. 4,161,850 for Obama 2012.

7:48 pm: CNN projects that Ohio Republican incumbent Rob Portman has won his Senate race. Yuck if so, but not a surprise…

7:42 pm: First Dem House seat pickup is Val Demings winning in Florida’s 10th District.

7:11 pm: GOP pollster Frank Luntz pretty bullish on Hillary’s chances on Twitter.


Welcome hilary_clintonto this evening’s live blog of the national election results.  Tonight, at long last, the American people have the opportunity to say “Donald Trump, YOU’RE FIRED!” And not incidentally, to elect the United States’ first woman president after a 227-year run of dudes — and an immensely smart, experienced and well-prepared woman, at that.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on key races for the Senate and House, and a governor’s seat or two.  Tonight we have the opportunity to purge our government of rogues from Rep. Darrell Issa in California to Gov. Pat McCrory in North Carolina to Little Marco down in Florida.  And to elect exciting up-and-coming Democrats like Zephyr Teachout in New York and Jason Kander in Missouri.  Will we see a Blue Wave?

The story of the evening will unfold based on state poll closing times.  Here are a few key ones to note, which should give us very good indications about how well the evening is going:

  • 7:00 pm: GA, IN, VA
  • 7:30 pm: NC, OH
  • 8:00 pm: FL, NH, PA, MO, IL
  • 9:00 pm: AZ, CO, MI, WI
  • 10:00 pm: IA, NV, UT

Please add your two cents in the comments below — about what you’re seeing, how you’re feeling, and what it all means for our future.

BTW, if you’d like to track how well Dems are doing in House races, 538 has a nice guide to the hot races here.

And while I’m posting links, check out the NY Times Upshot slick election results page here.



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