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Video: Far-Right Freak Show in Leesburg Last Night – and That Was Even BEFORE Trump Spoke! P.S. Where Was Barbara Comstock???


1. State Sen. Dick Black (R-Syria? He does love the Syrian dictator after all): “Where’s Hillary, what is she doing? She’s probably sobering up right now.” Oh, and Donald Trump is “about to become the greatest president in American history.” Hahahahahahahaha. Yeah, Trump better than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, etc. Oh, and Black leads the cheers of “lock her up.” “I do not want one of my children sent off to fight wars because the global initiative of the Clinton Foundation has sold out and gotten paid millions of dollars to use Americans as mercenaries…” WTF??? Yep, typical Dick “Plastic Fetuses” Black insanity.

2. Del. Dave LaRock (Far-far-far-right “R”): Claims that Tim Kaine is a “scoundrel,” “one of the worst governors” even in Virginia, a and “serial liar.” Again, alternate universe of the far-right echo chamber.

3. The anti-Semitic “joke” guy (John Whitbeck, Virginia GOP Chair John Whitbeck).

4. Suzanne Obenshain (wife of extremist State Sen. Mark “Criminalize Miscarriages” Obenshain).

5. Walid Phares – one of Trump’s foreign policy advisors, and that should send shudders down everyone’s spines. A bit of information on this freakazoid: “During the 1980s, Phares, a Maronite Christian, trained Lebanese militants in ideological beliefs justifying the war against Lebanon’s Muslim and Druze factions, according to former colleagues. Phares, they say, advocated the hard-line view that Lebanon’s Christians should work toward creating a separate, independent Christian enclave. A photo obtained by Mother Jones shows him conducting a press conference in 1986 for the Lebanese Forces, an umbrella group of Christian militias that has been accused of committing atrocities.”

6. Former Rep. Tom Davis and former State Sen. Jeannemarie Davis: So much for either of these two being “moderate” in any way. Both have gone far, far, far right at this point.

7. Former Secretary of Health Kay Cole James. For more info on this deplorable, see here: “James Said She Wanted To Outlaw All Abortion…James Wanted To Cut Off Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood.”

8. Former U.S. Senator and Gov. George Allen: 10 years almost to the day after Jim Webb booted “Felix Macacawitz’s” bigoted butt out of the Senate, he’s baaaaaaaack, shilling for fossil fuels mainly.

9. Oliver North – Seriously, one of the worst people in American history. Criminal.

10. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin: For more on her, see Mary Fallin: Country’s worst governor?

11. Laura Ingraham: Right-Wing Radio’s High Priestess of Hate.

12. Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr.: Yep, this guy: Liberty University Students Are Fed Up With Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Support for Trump (“Donald Trump does not represent our values and we want nothing to do with him.”).

13. Finally, Drumpf himself, with his usual inspirational rhetoric (hahahaha) like: “African American community, Hispanic community. Not fair. The inner cities, you can’t walk to the store for a loaf of bread. You get shot. You get shot.” and “Your governor has illegally given voting rights to 60,000 felons…He’s letting criminals cancel out the votes of law-abiding citizens.” And the crowd of white, male Trump fanatics goes wild! Ugh.

P.S. Fascinating that former 11th CD Rep. Tom Davis was there last night, but not current 10th CD Rep. Barbara Comstock, who continues to try and hide from her party’s presidential nominee, for fears that either associating with him or outright denouncing him will hurt her among Trump voters tomorrow. So sad, huh? Almost feel sorry for this GOP hatchetwoman, opposition research expert (mostly against the Clintons), and ambitious politician who wants to be US Senator and ultimately higher than that. Just one thing to do about that: elect LuAnn Bennett tomorrow and STOP COMSTOCK IN HER TRACKS NOW!

  • True Blue

    I’m still trying to figure out why these self-proclaimed “conservatives” would go with Trump over McMullin; it’s not about values at all, just Hillary-hating?

    • Unhinged Hillary hating and political calculation, I guess…

      • True Blue

        Loudoun Now reports that there were 2,000 attendees; Dick Black says 9,000. Hmmm… He must be trying to stroke the bigly ego!

    • Elaine Owens

      I attribute their motives to sexism, with Hillary Clinton being an easy target because of her long career in public service, racist backlash against the two-term African-American president now leaving office, xenophobia enabled in part by the threat of terrorism, anti-semitism that is evident in the final Trump ad, all those poisonous hatreds that bubble underneath the surface of our culture. There are plenty of fascists in our midst. Oh, and I can’t forget the gun-worshipers who buy into the crap shoveled out by the NRA and the evangelicals for whom taking away all abortion rights is the only voting issue they look at. For them, replacing Scalia with a Scalia clone is so important they would vote the Devil into the presidency if he promised an arch-conservative Supreme Court justice. We as a nation have serious problems we need to confront here at home in just learning to get along.

  • Speaking of the far-right freak show in Leesburg last night, how can ANY Jewish person be for the candidate of the anti-Semites (e.g., David Duke)? Nuts. Also love how Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz is promoting this crap.


  • Trumpeter

    Classy article and comments…keep it up.

    • Thank you, we most certainly will!

      • Trumpeter

        I have no doubt.