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Saturday News: Antarctic Ice Shelf Cracking Up as Climate Denier About to Become President; “Most Extreme Party Coalition Since the Civil War”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, January 7. Also check out President Obama previewing his “farewell address” to the nation.

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    • Jim B

      Obamacare. My rep Dave Brat and Jeff Flake of Az are proposing that the HSA be increased from 9k to 18k for single/joint filers to allow tax free funds to pay for health care. They claim this will drive down costs and allow consumers to use their own funds for products and services instead of having to get govt approval. Now, who among the lower incomes can afford to save that much to pay for health care? The present amount for single filers is 3400 not 9k too. Seems to me if people bother to read the fine print they will find that the so called replacement will be worst than before Obamacare was passed.

  • Video from Del. Patrick Hope’s pancake breakfast this morning



  • WakeUp


    The ice shelf is breaking off.

    President Obama did not stop the ice shelf from breaking off and he was President 8 years.

    The ice shelf will likely break off no matter what the new President does or does not do.

    Whether of not Trump is a ‘climate denier’ or is not makes no difference to the ice sheet.

    oh, btw, what is a ‘climate denier’? We all live in a climate and deny parts of the climate we like with (e.g. ‘I don’t think it’ll rain’, ‘the storm isn’t coming this way’, etc … )

    Our point:
    The hyperventilation about climate change does NOT build power to help change the ill effects of climate change. The sturm and drang – ‘anxious furor’ – about climate change is impractical for building a realistic, sustainable effort to convince governments to achieve measurable goals – year by year, decade by decade – supportive of preventing global warming and its accompanying climate changes.

    The anxious furor does help raise money for organizations who want to use that money to raise more money!

    The goals of building a realistic, sustainable effort to prevent global warming and and to respond well to global warming’s accompanying climate changes need to be conveyed with a different rhetoric.