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Virginia House Republicans Kill Bill Protecting Helpless Pets


Appalling – both the substance of what Republicans AND how they did it (“unrecorded vote”).  It really makes my blood boil. In stark contrast, a big THANK YOU to Del. John Bell (D – Loudoun) for fighting for helpless pets! Now, what on earth is wrong with anyone who voted against this bill???

Republicans Kill Bill Protecting Helpless Pets

RICHMOND, Va.: Today, in the Agriculture subcommittee of the Agriculture, Chesapeake Bay, and Natural Resources committee, a party-line, unrecorded vote struck down a measure that would have made it illegal to keep a companion animal tethered out of doors without supervision.

“I’m incredibly disappointed that the subcommittee did not recognize the need for this important piece of legislation,” said Delegate John J. Bell (D – Loudoun), who patroned the bill. “My wife Margaret and I have had more than 50 rescue dogs fostered in our home. We have seen dogs that have been tied outside in some of the worst conditions, sometimes for all of their lives. This is animal cruelty, and should be viewed by the Commonwealth as such.

“In my house, this bill is called the ‘Snuggles Bill’ after a rescue dog that we fostered and named Snuggles. She was tethered outside since she was a very young puppy, and came to a rescue facility emaciated and bald. I introduced this bill for Snuggles and all pets like her who deserve better than the treatment they’ve gotten.”

HB 1802 would have banned the outdoor tethering of all companion animals without supervision of the owner.

You can view testimony on the bill on Del. John Bell’s Facebook Page.


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