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Video: DNC Elects New Leadership, Including Possibly Three Virginians [UPDATE: All Three Virginians Lose]


Among other DNC candidates hoping to be elected today are Arlingtonians Adam Parkhomenko (for DNC Vice Chair) and Yasmine Taeb (for DNC Vice Chair of Civic Engagement & Voter Participation); and DPVA Chair Susan Swecker (for President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs — ASDC). Good luck to all the Virginians today, and also to our party in general — we sure need some luck at this point!

P.S. Note — if the YouTube live stream doesn’t work for whatever reason, check out CSPAN, which is definitely working.

UPDATE Sunday morning: DPVA Chair Susan Swecker lost last night to Minnesota Democratic Chair Ken Martin in the contest for Association of State Democratic Chairs president, so it’s a clean sweep for Virginians last night – all three lost, sad to say.

UPDATE 9:30 pm: Adam Parkhomenko finished well behind the extremely impressive Michael Blake for Vice Chair. So…looks like Susan Swecker is Virginia’s final shot at winning a DNC election this weekend.

UPDATE 8 pm: Yasmine Taeb didn’t win, but she came close, gave a great speech, and established herself as a rising star of the Democratic Party. Nice job!

UPDATE 4 pm: Congratulations to Keith Ellison for running a great race, and felicitaciones to Tom Perez, a super-strong progressive and also the first Latino Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Very cool! Finally, nice job by Tom Perez to name Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair – classy, also very smart! Two strong progressives leading the Democratic Party forward, united against Trump and FOR our country.

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