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Video: Del. Mike Mullin (D-Newport News) Leads Rally to Fight for Chesapeake Bay


Good stuff by Del. Mike Mullin (D-HD93, Hampton Roads area) as Donald Trump and his merry band of anti-environment vandals launch their attacks on the Chesapeake Bay and other treasures of our nation. What can we do in the face of this? Simple: #RESIST with everything we’ve got!

Del. Mike Mullin Leads Rally to Fight for Chesapeake Bay

Williamsburg, Va.– As President Trump settled in for another weekend at Mar-a-Lago, Delegate Mike Mullin today led a rally to Save the Bay with hundreds of Peninsula residents to protest the president’s plan to eliminate the entirety of the $73 million in funding to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

“The Chesapeake Bay is the treasure of the Peninsula, and we must fight to ensure that this economic and environmental engine is protected for generations to come,” said Mullin. “Every time the president flies to Mar-a-Lago for a weekend, he’s billing the taxpayers $3 million. Mr. President, working people know what it means to have to work weekends, and it’s time to stop taking vacations on our dime and start working weekends, too. If you postponed your Florida trips until September, you could save all $73 million that you propose to cut from the Chesapeake Bay.  I’m here in my district fighting for my constituents this weekend. I call on you to get back on that plane and get back to Washington today and start doing the same.”

Held at Williamsburg’s College Landing Park, Mullin’s rally featured speeches from Senator Monty Mason; Virginia First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe; Pam Northam; and representatives from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, the Virginia Sierra Club, and the Virginia Conservation Network.

A video of the rally is posted to Mullin’s Facebook page.


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