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Video: Rep. Barbara Comstock (100% Pro-Trump Voting Record) Flees Parade in Manassas, VA


Barbara Comstock really really loves voting with Donald Trump but she really really HATES answering questions from her constituents, in a district (VA HD-10) that went heavily (52%-42%) for Hillary Clinton over her BFF Trump in November. The problem for Comstock is she can run…but she really can’t hide from her constituents forever.

P.S. Good work by the “Dump Comstock” folks, who were busy handing out “Missing Person” fliers and getting email signups at the parade…

  • I’ve actually had friends who aren’t involved in politics ask me why it’s so hard to get a response from her office about anything. Compare that to the quick response they got from members of the General Assembly (with much smaller staffs) and it’s a real shame…. especially since I know these are people who would consider voting for her as long as she provided good constituent service.

    • Hopefully that attitude – along with her terrible voting record – will lead to her political downfall…

  • And in related Comstock news, her office is basically running away from saying anything of substance about Ryancare/Trumpcare. #FAIL


  • Press release from Dump Comstock:

    10th Congressional District Voters Form Search Party for Rep. Barbara Comstock at Manassas’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade

    MANASSAS, March 11, 2017 —Voters from all over the 10th Congressional District of Virginia descended upon Manassas’ St. Patrick’s Day Parade in an effort to find Congresswoman Barbara Comstock. Organized by Dump Comstock, a grassroots organization which is actively trying to unseat Comstock, the search party begins on Saturday, March 11 at 10 am.

    During the event, over thirty volunteers engaged with voters by handing out flyers informing them of Congresswomen Barbara Comstock’s dismal record of representing the 10th district in Congress. The volunteers were well-received by the parade-going public, with many of them proudly donning Dump Comstock buttons.

    “She claimed during the campaign to be a moderate, but her actions and votes betray that idea” said Abbey Ruby, who lives in Rep. Comstock’s district in McLean, VA. “She is enabling and pushing Trump’s agenda without regard to her constituents, who didn’t vote for him by a wide margin”.

    Sarah Woessner lives in Rep. Comstock’s district in Fairfax, VA and decided to participate in the event after Rep. Comstock cancelled an in person meeting she had scheduled with her. Woessner told organizers, “I was really looking forward to my meeting with Representative Comstock. I had never scheduled a meeting with my member of Congress before.” She became angry when she saw Rep. Comstock tweeting photo ops during the time her meeting was supposed to be scheduled.

    As volunteers were leaving the event, one of them spotted Rep. Comstock in the parade. A few members of the Dump Comstock team stood nearby, patiently waiting to approach at the end of the parade. But Rep. Comstock would have none of it, making a hasty retreat by running across the street in order to avoid any public questioning.