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Zack Wittkamp for Virginia House of Delegates: Why I’m Running


by Zack Wittkamp

Lowell’s note: In my recent post ranking the competitiveness of Virginia House of Delegates districts, this Newport News district clocked in at #9 out of 100 districts. Definitely one we can and must win. Go Zack!

My name is Zack Wittkamp and I’m running for Virginia House of Delegates in the 94th District. I want to tell you a little bit about my story and why I’m running to represent the people of Newport News.

My Dad was a civil engineer for 35 years at Langley Air Force Base. It’s not the sort of job that gets you a lot of recognition, but it’s one that makes a huge difference to the community.

Whenever there was an oil or fuel spill he was the first one out there, no matter what hour, day or night, making sure that the spill was contained and that the waters of the Chesapeake were kept clean. I often went with him and saw firsthand what true public service looks like and what it means to be dedicated to your community.

I’m not the first person nor will I be the last to say that our government has failed in its mandate to serve the public. The partisan gridlock means that our representatives spend their time pitching political battles rather than working to bring solutions that benefit their constituents.

In my line of work as a small business owner, I am often challenged to break the mold and find ways to turn nothing into something. In all of the opportunities I’ve pursued, nothing has been achieved without teamwork and a cooperative spirit.  Understanding and listening to the viewpoints of others and getting outside of a vacuum allows us to accomplish so much more than choosing to go it alone. It is this collaborative approach I plan to bring to the House of Delegates.

We have a battle ahead of us. In fact District 94 is considered to be one of the most competitive House of Delegates Districts in Virginia, but it is one I know we can win with your help. Every dollar counts and will go a long way in helping us to reach voters and spread our message. Can I count on your support today?

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