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Activists Protest Dominion at Annual Riverrock Festival


Great stuff as always from the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN):

Activists Protest Dominion at Annual Riverrock Festival

Environmental activists drop several banners targeting Dominion against pipelines and corporate corruption

RICHMOND, Virginia– On Saturday May 20, a group of activists dropped a series of banners at Dominion Energy’s annual Riverrock festival to protest its role in Virginia’s political system and draw attention to the dangers that would come with its proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

See photos here.

This action comes as Dominion faces increased scrutiny over its energy policies and political influence. Environmental advocacy groups recently uncovered that its highly controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which would transport fracked-gas from West Virginia through Virginia, would remove the tops of 38 miles of ridgelines in the Allegheny Mountains during construction. This method of construction is viewed as extreme and radical by landowners, conservationists, and engineers. Furthermore, Dominion has yet to reveal how it intends to dispose of at least 247,000 dump-truck-loads of excess rock and soil — known as “overburden” — that would accumulate from the construction along just these 38 miles of ridgetops.

The utility also recently came under fire for its environmental policies at its 2017 Shareholder Meeting, which was met with more than 100 protesters outside of the Richmond Convention Center. During the meeting, 48 percent of Dominion shareholders voted in favor of a resolution calling on the company’s board of directors to report on how the company will address climate change. This is far more support than similar shareholder resolutions have ever achieved.

Furthermore, more than 60 candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates have pledged to refuse campaign contributions from Dominion. Two candidates for governor, one Democratic and one Republican, have not taken money from the energy giant. These rejections have come after criticism that Dominion wields undue influence over Virginia’s politicians.


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