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Thursday News: CBO Finds Total Trumpcare Disaster; “The Math Is Phony but the Cruelty Isn’t”; GOP Thuggery in MT


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, May 25.

  • Video: President Barack Obama joins Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. Remember when we had a president we could all be proud of, not ashamed of? What a concept! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2mDwHD-J58

  • Paul Simon And Stephen Colbert Aren’t ‘Feelin’ Groovy’ with Trump as President https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI2PXkXZPfk

  • Video: Trump embarrasses himself, America in front of NATO allies


    • Quizzical

      The expansion of NATO is a done deal and it was bipartisan. One common sense notion that struck me was that no one could expect, after enlarging the territorial responsibilities of NATO and moving closer to danger (Russia), that NATO would cost less. Right?

  • From the Ryan Sawyers for Congress campaign:

    Today, we are proud to announce that our campaign has received its first endorsement from SMART Sheet Metal Workers Local 100. While the American recovery has been successful in some aspects, many working Virginia families were left behind. As your representative in the First Congressional District, Ryan Sawyers will work to ensure that small towns feel the positive effects of job growth, better wages, and economic stability. The support of labor groups such as the SMART Sheet Metal Workers Local 100 proves that Ryan Sawyers is the right candidate for the job.

    As the School Board Chairman in a district that represents roughly 100,000 students and staff, Ryan Sawyers has been working to build new public schools to meet our ongoing challenges of overcrowding and older facilities. According to the Department of Education, roughly half of American K-12 schools are in need of renovation and repair. Virginia needs aggressive investments to ensure our children can learn in a safe, clean environment. Sawyers has begun this work in Prince William County and looks forward to continuing to make this a priority in Congress.

    America’s Building Trades Unions are the source of Virginia’s world-class apprenticeship and training infrastructure. A sheet metal apprenticeship, as well as any union apprenticeship, provides a comprehensive way for a worker to acquire the experience and instruction to get established in a career, without the burden of debt.

    Once elected, Ryan Sawyers will fight to make the needed investments, such as providing incentives to retrofit public buildings and personal homes. This will lead to long-term operating cost savings while creating thousands of new jobs for union building trades members and sheet metal workers.

    Too often members of Congress are elected to public office and forget about the hard working men and women of labor who put them there. Congress today spends more time concerned with corporate money switching hands, a home for dirty deals, than working to solve real day-to-day problems that affect union workers and all working Americans. Ryan Sawyers is a fighter by nature, and he’ll keep fighting as long as it takes to bring about the change that he know matters to his constituents.

  • (Video) Warner on Trump Budget: “The numbers do not add up”


  • Quizzical
  • bharvey67

    There is a state supported college in SW Virginia – UVA-Wise. Maybe they need to build up that one instead of starting from scratch.