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Arlington Event - June 1, 2017


As Donald Trump’s administration continues to unravel, Democrats have the opportunity to reach voters fed-up with the President’s incompetence and the Republican Party’s stubborn and reckless support of him. The next three and a half years may provide Democrats their best chance in decades to grow the party and take back many of the local, state, and federal seats lost to Republicans over the past thirty years. The bottom line is that in order to make an impact in Washington and Richmond, we have to win elections.

With this opportunity in mind, several activists from rural and urban Virginia created Together Virginia – a political PAC focused on broadening conversations among Democrats in the state to help better hone and unify the party’s message, and to move resources into the redder (i.e. more rural) parts of Virginia where most of the disaffected Trump voters reside.

Growing the Democratic Party in Virginia will benefit all Virginians. Any hope of taking back the Virginia House of Delegates rests in offering a positive vision and a confident and consistent message that appeals not just to voters in the urban areas, but voters in our rural areas as well. Together, Virginia Democrats can work to find that message and ensure it reaches voters looking for a new path forward.

On June 1, 2017, Together Virginia will host a forum in Arlington, Virginia to discuss the values of our party and strategies for reaching voters currently outside the party’s fold. Delegates Sam Rasoul and Alfonso Lopez will join 12th House of Delegates candidate, Chris Hurst, for an interactive event where audience members participate in gaining perspectives and building relationships to help our party win elections across the state. The money raised from the event will support Democratic candidates throughout rural Virginia.

It wasn’t too long ago that most rural Virginians supported the Democratic Party. Together Virginia rests on the belief that many of these voters can return if our party makes a genuine effort to hear them, to understand the specific challenges they face, and craft and effectively explain the policies we think will improve their lives. I hope you’ll join us in this effort. Donald Trump has provided us a unique opportunity. We can’t pass it up.

Together Virginia – Interactive Strategy Session

Thursday, June 1 – 7:00-9:00pm

Lyon Park Community Center

414 N. Fillmore St. Arlington, Virginia 22201

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