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Monday News: “Trump Turns Politically Correct”; Perriello (+13 pts), Northam (+11 pts) Lead Gillespie Big Time


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, May 22.

  • Poll #s like these almost make me feel sorry for Virginia Republicans, but….nope! LOL


  • Quizzical

    The EV revolution is ahead of schedule.
    Too bad we have a President and Congress who are beholden to big oil.

  • A_Siegel

    1. Not so sure that I find the RTD editorial so ‘brain dead’ …
    2. Thought not really that eloquent …
    3. Also, somewhat mis-leading with selective facts. They play a game of ‘averaging’ D statewide wins and take out Warner’s crushing win to come to a 48% average but don’t take out Deeds’ crushing loss/collapse on the other side.

    Clearly an implied (direct) message to “Ds”: you’re stupid if you don’t nominate Northam. That, btw, is certainly a perspective a share of VA Dems share even as others make the case for Perriello.