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Video: Arlington County School Board Votes Unanimously to Sign On To Gavin Grimm Amicus Brief


Great work by the Arlington County School Board, which agreed unanimously this evening to sign on to an amicus brief in support of transgender Gloucester (Virginia) High School student Gavin Grimm. According to Arlington County School Board member Barbara Kanninen (see video below), Arlington “will be the only school board in the Commonwealth of Virginia to sign this brief” in the case of Gavin Grimm vs. Gloucester County School Board. In signing on, Arlington County’s School Board refuted Gloucester County’s false claims that “allowing all students to access sex-specific facilities and amenities that match their gender identity will lead to general disruption…violate the privacy or comfort of other students…lead to the abolition of gender-segregated facilities and activities for all students.”

  • Caroline Temmermand

    As a retired employee of Arlington County, I am proud of this incredible community and this school board. Arlington has so many well educated people (about 60% over age 25 have college degrees) who understand the value of quality education and that each child is important. Given that Arlington’s children come from varied backgrounds (over 100 different languages spoken in the children’s homes), building community that is inclusive is fundamental. It is also the foundation of our country. Kudos for the Arlington County School Board for standing up for every child, and in this case, for standing up for transgender children.