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Video: In First TV Ad, Tom Perriello Vows to ‘Build a Virginia That Works For Everyone’


From the Perriello for Governor campaign:

In First TV Ad, Tom Perriello Vows to ‘Build a Virginia That Works For Everyone’
Ad Features President Obama Campaigning for Perriello in 2010, Saying ‘Tom Went to Washington to Take On the Insurance Companies and the Credit Card Companies and the Wall Street Banks’
Positive Ad Introduces Perriello as a Lifelong Progressive Fighter Focused on Making Virginia’s Economy Work for All Virginians
In the first television ad of his Democratic primary campaign for governor of Virginia, Tom Perriello focuses on Virginia’s economy, promising to “build a Virginia that works for everyone” and pointing to his career fighting for progressive causes as evidence that he can deliver for working families. As Virginia incomes have not gone up in 20 years, the average white family in Virginia has 11 times the wealth of the average black family, and average Virginia student loan debt hovers near $30,000, Tom is committed to ensuring Virginia’s economic growth is inclusive of all Virginians, regardless of race or region.
The positive, 30-second ad also features President Barack Obama campaigning for Tom at a 2010 rally in Charlottesville, where Obama said, “Tom went to Washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the Wall Street banks. That’s what Tom Perriello is about.” Tom was the only Democratic House member for whom President Obama made a solo campaign appearance that year. In Congress, Tom supported President Obama’s agenda to save America from another Great Depression, reform our broken health care system, tackle climate change, support LGBTQ and immigrant rights, and stand up to special interests.
The ad goes on to feature Tom speaking about his lifelong personal history taking on entrenched interests to fight for progressive causes. Tom points to his background leading non-profits to “battle climate change, poverty, and President Bush’s attacks on civil rights.” Before serving in Congress representing Virginia’s Fifth District, Tom led nonprofits aimed at tackling some of our biggest challenges. Tom founded Avaaz.org, the largest online organizing movement in the world which confronts issues like climate change and international poverty. He also founded FaithfulAmerica.org, which organized progressive faith leaders from all backgrounds to fight back against the extremism of the religious right, George W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominees, and the Bush administration’s dismal record on human and civil rights.
After Congress, he ran a progressive advocacy organization, Center for American Progress Action, where he led fights to confront gun violence and support President Obama’s efforts to pass universal background checks, oppose the Romney-Ryan agenda to cut taxes for the rich and big corporations while threatening programs many Americans rely on like Medicare, and hold Republicans like Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia accountable for systematically rolling back women’s access to health care services.
In this campaign, Tom has proposed the most progressive agenda to support working families to grow our economy in modern Virginia history—including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, two years free community college, apprenticeships and vocational training, paid family and medical leave, and universal pre-K. He has also put forward a sensible plan to fix Virginia’s tax system to generate the revenues to fund this growth-oriented investment in the working and middle class.
The ad will begin airing later this week as part of a statewide six-figure buy.


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