Home 2019 Elections Video: Justin Fairfax Goes Up with TV Ad “Virginia Line”

Video: Justin Fairfax Goes Up with TV Ad “Virginia Line”


Nice ad by Justin Fairfax, who is the first Democratic LG candidate to go up on TV this cycle, at least to my knowledge.

RELEASE: Fairfax Campaign to Air TV Ad “Virginia Line”

Arlington, VA – Today, the Fairfax campaign announced it will begin airing a TV ad entitled “Virginia Line”.  With this ad, Justin Fairfax will be the first Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor to advertise on TV in this election.

Two weeks ahead of the June 13th primary, Justin Fairfax is focused on resisting the erosion of our rights by the Trump administration while creating economic security and opportunity so that people can rise to a brighter future in their own lives. Justin will “fight to protect our rights and build an economy that works for all Virginians.”

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