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Saturday News: Priebus Out, Kelly In, Trump Still a Demented Goon; Shields and Brooks Discuss Insane Week in Washington


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, July 29.

  • Note that this is a 51%-41% Hillary Clinton district (http://www.vpap.org/offices/house-of-delegates-68/district/):

    Virginia Professional Fire Fighters Endorse Dr. Dawn M. Adams for Delegate

    Richmond, VA – July 28, 2017. The Virginia Professional Fire Fighters today announced their endorsement of Dr. Dawn M. Adams for delegate in the 68th House District, representing parts of Richmond, Chesterfield, and Henrico.
    The Virginia Professional Fire Fighters have over 7,000 members and sixty-five chapters across the Commonwealth of Virginia and work tirelessly to ensure that state lawmakers value public safety as a priority and work to promote key issues that matter to firefighters, emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, and their families.

    As a professor of health policy advocacy at Old Dominion University, Adams stresses to her students the importance of working towards sensible solutions to address the health hazards our first responders face in the field every day, including reducing exposure to dangerous carcinogens. Adams has vowed to work on behalf of the citizens of the 68th District, firefighters, and EMS providers to promote healthier communities through better policy, and addresses the health concerns of our first responders represents a significant piece of that commitment.

    “I’m thankful to receive the endorsement of the over 7,000 firefighters and EMS providers represented by the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters,” Adams said. “Having a vote of confidence from the men and women that face the flames and save lives on a daily basis is an incredible honor. I’ll continue to work every day for the privilege to carry their strength with me through the halls of the General Assembly.”

    About Dr. Dawn M. Adams
    Dr. Dawn M. Adams is a Nurse Practitioner running for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 68th District. Adams currently serves as Director for the Office of the Integrated Health, and is adjunct faculty at Old Dominion University in the School of Nursing teaching Health Policy to doctoral students. Learn more about Dawn by visiting her website: http://www.adamsfordelegate.com

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  • Dan Rather:

    On cue, in the wake of the stunning defeat of his health care initiative, President Trump is back sowing the seeds of division to appeal to his rabid base.

    In a speech in front of law enforcement, he condoned police brutality. This is outrageous of course. But expect much more like it. The more isolated Mr. Trump gets, the more he is going to try to hold on to his political power by stirring up the seeds of intolerance. He will blame the “other” – no matter if that is transgender soldiers or past presidents at a Boy Scout rally. Both of those recent events backfired against Mr. Trump. The vast majority of the American public is not as hateful or spiteful as the president. The fissures in the GOP are cracking. They bought into Mr. Trump with the hopes of legislative victories. Now they see a self-described dealmaker dealing only in mounting losses and toxic rhetoric that riles up a few but turns off many more.

    Playing up law and order as a culture war is a longtime tactic. But I don’t think it will play this time. Most people understand that we need police. Most police are good, decent, brave public servants. And the best police officers will tell you that the kind of policing that Mr. Trump is advocating is not only unconstitutional it is downright counterproductive. Most people are also horrified by police brutality. We need a lot of work on this issue. There is a lot of understandable tension between the police in many places and the people they are supposed to serve. There are longstanding racial histories at play. But I think we can overcome this. If we work together.

    The role of a president should be about building unity. Those who are most powerful and most successful are the ones who do this. Only six months into office, Mr. Trump’s trajectory seems to be rapidly heading in the opposite direction.

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    Hacking conference tests voting machines
    Is this a good idea?

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    Re Democrats real problem isn’t their messaging – it’s their politics, that reminded me of another opinion piece I saw recently about the fact that Democrats have lost 1000 legislative seats since Obamacare was passed, and concluding that Obamacare was in fact the reason for that decline.

    I disagree. Another thing which happened in 2010 was the Citizens United decision. Since that decision, Democrats have lost 1000 legislative seats, most of them in state elections. The Democrats real problem isn’t their messaging, and it isn’t their politics. It’s that a set of billionaires who were willing to spend freely after Citizens United have unleashed negative branding campaigns against Democratic candidates who do not have the financial resources to overcome that in many races.

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      Hillary Clinton is also an example of this. If you added up the cost of all the negative branding dumped on her since 1992, what would the total be? Yet objectively, what did she ever do to deserve all of this?

  • A richly deserved honor for Rep. Dave Brat, aka “World’s Worst Economist”


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  • Note that this is a 49%-44% Hillary Clinton district, also won by Mark Warner in 2014 and Terry McAuliffe in 2013…

    House Dems Statement on Zack Wittkamp’s Withdrawal in HD-94

    RICHMOND, Va. – House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano and Caucus Chair Charniele Herring today issued the following statement on the withdrawal of the Democratic nominee Zack Wittkamp in HD-94:

    “We thank Zack for stepping up to run and wish him the best as he focuses on his business and family. We are working with the local committee to name a new nominee who will stand up to Republican attacks on health care, including women’s health care. Delegate Yancey has voted to defund Planned Parenthood and block Medicaid expansion, which would have extended health coverage to 400,000 Virginians. We will hold him accountable for those votes with another Democrat this November.”