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Tuesday News: Don Jr. Meeting “a legal game-changer”; “Senate Health Care Charade”; Trump “Dragging Down America”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, July 11.

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    I heard a large part of Sen. Cornyn’s speech about health insurance yesterday, and noted the special disdain he had for the individual mandate. He said he couldn’t think of any similar mandate by the government requiring the purchase of insurance. Oh really? What about auto insurance? What about for employers, workers’ compensation insurance? And isn’t there a Medicare tax withholding on your paycheck?

    • Cornyn is dumber than a box of rocks..

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    Instead of being dispirited by climate change setbacks on the policy side, I am in favor of doing what needs to be done, like these people in India are doing.

    There is a whole tree-planting, Arbor-Day infrastructure in this country, and it just needs support.

    • Now we just need Americans to replace their sterile, water-and-chemical-intensive lawns with native plants, pollinator-friendly flowers, trees, etc.

      • We also need to stop consuming tropical-forest-destroying palm oil.

  • Rep. Gerry Connolly: “Called on Vice President Mike Pence to rescind voter data directive. This is a thinly veiled effort to carry out voter suppression.”


  • From the Northam campaign:

    STATEMENT: Creigh Deeds Calls Gillespie’s Mental Health Plan ‘Lip Service’ Until He Comes Out Against Trumpcare

    Richmond, Va. – Today, Senator Creigh Deeds called on Ed Gillespie to be honest with Virginians about his stance on the Senate’s health care proposal. Gillespie has remained silent on the bill, which outlines cuts to Medicaid and waivers to essential health benefits, such as coverage for mental health care and substance use disorder treatment, that are directly at odds with the policy he released today.

    Senator Creigh Deeds today issued the following statement in response to Ed Gillespie’s mental health proposal:

    “We need to work on bipartisan solutions on mental health – but it’s dishonest to put forward a plan while supporting a federal policy that outlines steep cuts to Virginia’s ability to provide care. Senate Republicans have put a plan on the table allowing states to strip away essential health benefits, including coverage for mental health care and substance use disorder treatment, that would cancel out the proposals Ed Gillespie is making. If Trumpcare passes, it will gut funding for Medicaid and Virginia’s GAP program and put the very managed-care programs Gillespie name checks at risk.

    “The last time he was honest about his healthcare positions, Gillespie said he would be open to waiving the protections in place for Virginians who need them most. There’s too much at stake to elect someone who would reopen the doors for insurance companies to go back to their old, discriminatory norms of charging higher premiums to individuals with histories of mental illness or substance abuse.

    “Dr. Ralph Northam knows Medicaid expansion would help close the serious gaps in mental health care for Virginians — that’s why he’s unapologetically fought for it and opposed the Senate healthcare bill from the start. As a state senator and lieutenant governor, Ralph fought to expand access to mental health services for all Virginians, including those who are incarcerated. In his own practice, Ralph has treated Medicaid patients and knows firsthand what Trumpcare will do limit access to healthcare for the most vulnerable among us. When it comes to those in the grip of fighting substance abuse, these cuts will be devastating to the 3 out of 10 Virginians who rely on Medicaid and CHIP to cover their treatment. Expanding Medicaid will mean nearly $300 million per year we can invest in improving Virginia’s behavioral-health and substance use treatment.

    “Until Gillespie comes out strongly and decisively against the federal policy, this is the very definition of lip service. Once he does, Dr. Ralph Northam and I will gladly welcome him to join the conversation on how we can end the opioid epidemic and continue to expand access to new substance abuse treatment options and drug courts.”

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    Trump Didn’t Even Decide Who Got Fired On ‘The Apprentice,’ Clay Aiken Says – HuffPost
    Worse than second term of Reagan

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    Elon Musk’s big battery brings reality crashing into a post-truth world | Tim Hollo – the guardian
    Check back on this in 101 days.