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Video: Corey Stewart Vows to Run “Vicious” Campaign, Says “the Era of the Kinder, Gentler Republican is Over”


Well, I’ll give Corey Stewart one thing: he’s honest and unabashed about his viciousness, and that of his party. Hey, it’s better than pretending these guys are sane, civil, reasonable, or whatever. As the Democratic Party of Virginia puts it, “Virginians don’t want the extreme nastiness that is vowing. We want someone who fights for all Virginians. That’s .”

Among other things Stewart said he was “disgusted” when George HW Bush used the phrase “a kinder and gentler nation.” He vowed to run “the most vicious, ruthless campaign to dethrone Tim Kaine from the United States Senate,” to support Donald Trump 100% in his quest to “Make America Great Again.” According to Stewart, Democrats have been “fighting a UFC fight” while Republicans have been “playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules for too long.” Charming, eh?

  • DPVA Chairwoman Susan Swecker on Corey Stewart: ‘The Last Thing Virginians Need in the Senate Is a Rubber Stamp for President Trump’

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement today following Corey Stewart’s announcement that he will challenge U.S. Senator Tim Kaine in 2018:

    “Corey Stewart is even more extreme than Donald Trump. Corey has completely ignored the needs of families in Prince William County to instead spend his time name calling, bashing immigrants and re-litigating the Civil War. When he rarely turns his attention to the county he was elected to represent, he calls his colleagues ‘slimeballs’ and pushes an anti-immigrant, backwards agenda that has left working families behind.

    “The last thing Virginians need in the Senate is a rubber stamp for President Trump. We need a senator who will put working and middle class Virginians first, and that’s Tim Kaine. For more than 20 years, from the Richmond City Council to the U.S. Senate, Tim has exemplified consensus-driven public service that improves the lives of Virginia’s working families, including those who serve in uniform. He is everything Corey Stewart isn’t: a thoughtful, service-oriented leader that Virginia can be proud of. It’s why Virginians will again reject Corey’s divisiveness and re-elect Senator Kaine in 2018.”

  • Women-Matter.org

    Never has there been so many clear choices between good and evil.
    Vote like your life depends on it, b/c it does

  • From DPVA:

    Together, Again: The Birth of the Gillespie-Stewart Ticket
    With His Campaign in Turmoil, Will Ed Gillespie Join Alt-Right Darling Corey Stewart on the Campaign Trail?

    He’s baaackkkkk — but he never really went away.

    A month, to the day, after nearly defeating Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart — Virginia’s very own Mini Trump — is announcing his run for U.S. Senate.

    Stewart’s entrance into the U.S. Senate race raises three urgent questions for Ed Gillespie:

    1. Will Gillespie repudiate Corey Stewart’s toxic brand of far right politics — or will he endorse his former rival in a bid to win over the extreme fringe in his party ?
    2. Will Gillespie join Corey Stewart on the campaign trail?
    3. Corey Stewart just said that the“the era of the kinder, gentler Republican is over.” Does Ed Gillespie agree?

    Stewart’s Senate announcement comes at a politically perilous time for Gillespie and the entire Republican Party of Virginia. Throughout the GOP primary, Stewart controlled the agenda with his bombastic, neo-confederate rhetoric and pushed Gillespie far to the right.

    Yet, as the Washington Post reported yesterday, Trump allies remain deeply skeptical of Gillespie.

    According to the Post, White House officials and senior Republicans in the White House “are pushing him [Gillespie] to hire some of the president’s strategists and more aggressively court Trump voters.” One Republican insider even admitted that “I feel like I’m on the Titanic right now. We’re about to hit an iceberg. ‘Hey, we need to turn!’ You’ve got the current Ed Gillespie team saying, ‘Nah, hold my beer, we got this.’”

    “Today is a day of reckoning for Ed Gillespie and the Republican ticket. Will Ed Gillespie finally bring Corey Stewart and Donald Trump on board?” said DPVA spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Virginians need to know whether the man running to be their next governor supports Corey Stewart’s extreme agenda — and if this will become the mainstream rhetoric for the Republican Party in 2017 and years to come.”

  • How “vicious” and crazy is Corey going to be? Check this out