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Dominion Energy-Sponsored Blog Goes Full Trump, Claims “Both Sides” Responsible for Charlottesville


This crap would be bad enough on its own, but to have it coming out of a blog that’s proudly sponsored by Virginia’s monopoly utility, Dominion Energy – a company which, when it’s not busy trashing the state’s environment, is hard at work corrupting our legislature and other elected officials – really takes the cake. With that, check out high…er, lowlights from this Trumpian, “both sides,” false equivalency drivel (bolding added by me for emphasis) about the what went down in Charlottesville this past weekend. Wonder if Dominion Energy approves.

  • Here’s the truth: Both the far Right and far Left came to Charlottesville spoiling for a fight.”
  • “I have questions about those who came to confront the white nationalists. Were they locals, or were they part of the so-called Antifa movement from outside Virginia looking for confrontation?”
  • “Some readers of Bacon’s Rebellion seem to think that violence emanates exclusively from the right side of the political spectrum. Yet the man who shot the Republican congressmen in Alexandria was a Bernie Bro. The murderers of police in Dallas and New York were agitated by Black Lives Matter rhetoric. Radicals have used violence to shut down conservative speakers on multiple campuses. The sad reality is that both the far Left and far Right are prone to violence. Further, the interests of both groups are served by confrontations like the one that occurred in Charlottesville. Both sides seek to polarize public opinion, and both benefit when violence and raw emotion encourage people to seek refuge in tribal (racial, ethnic, religious or class) identities.”
  • “I’m not blind. What happened Saturday is part of a larger struggle between far Left and far Right. I expect the events in Charlottesville to further inflame both sides and to inspire even more violence. This time, the rightists committed the most heinous crime. Next time, it will be the leftists. People of moderation and good will serve no useful purpose by denying the reality that threatens to consume us all.”

By the way, we’ve covered this Dominion-Energy-sponsored blog previously, including its bashing of “illegals,” climate science denialism, propagation of crazy/debunked conspiracy theories, etc. And all this time, Dominion Energy hasn’t dropped its sponsorship. Which means, clearly, our pals at Dominion either: a) are not bothered enough by the content on their sponsored blog to pull their sponsorship; or b) agree with/endorse the content on their sponsored blog. Either way, it shouldn’t be acceptable to any of Dominion Energy’s Virginia customers, just as Dominion’s corrupting of our state’s government, its “capture” of our state’s regulatory bodies and its promotion of two environmentally disastrous fracked gas pipelines shouldn’t be acceptable to any of us either.

P.S. Perhaps most disgusting of all is putting a photo of Heather Heyer, a 100% peaceful citizen murdered by a violent, right-wing extremist terrorist, in a piece drawing a false equivalency between “both sides.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


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