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Video: John Whitbeck, John Adams Both Massively Fail to Criticize Trump’s “Many Sides” Bull****


Check out VA GOP John “Anti-Semitic ‘Joke” Dude” Whitbeck’s pathetic appearance this morning on CNN with Chris Cuomo’s. Among other problems, Whitbeck repeatedly dodges criticism of Trump’s outrageous/disgusting “many sides” comments on Saturday; refuses to condemn Trump retweeting a “cartoon” of a train killing a CNN reporter; shows himself to be utterly clueless about the “too little too late” argument; avoids acknowledging the 800-pound gorilla in the room, which is that Whitbeck party’s nominee – and now president – Donald Trump has for years encouraged white supremacists and bigots of all kinds; gets rightfully lectured by Chris Cuomo about how the white supremacists themselves took Trump’s statement as “affirmation and congratulation”; etc. Finally, a relatively minor point, but to listen to Whitbeck claiming this is a “non-partisan” issue while repeatedly using the word “Democrat” as an adjective – in the juvenile way that the most partisan, rabid Republicans do – is very telling.

Next, check out Virginia GOP Attorney General nominee John Adams (R) blathering/dodging/weaving about Donald Trump (also an R): “I’m not going to criticize him at this point in time” (reporter responds immediately with a great question, “Why NOT?”). Adams again and again refuses to criticize Trump for his “many sides” crap,, etc. Adams also tries to change the subject to the Rep. Scalise case several weeks ago, which of course everyone immediately condemned. Just pathetic; right-wing extremist Adams is completely unfit to be Attorney General of Virginia.


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