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We asked Virginians what they’re feeling after Charlottesville. Here’s what they had to say:


We asked thousands of Virginians how they’re feeling after last weekend’s terror and violence in Charlottesville — and we read every single response. But one thing was overwhelmingly clear: Virginians are angry about President Trump’s despicable response to the violence wrought in our commonwealth by white supremacists.

Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity.

“I’m disgusted, disappointed, disheartened, scared, frustrated. At times I’ve questioned my faith and belief in the greater good. I can’t believe that we have a president calling Nazis good people. My great-grandparents escaped pogroms in Russia to come to the USA. I’m sure they never envisioned that the land of the free would elect a president sympathetic to anti-Semites. But I’m trying to dust myself off and hope that we can mobilize and create a future where these hateful people learn to love or go back to their dungeons.” — Denise

“I’m disturbed, unsettled, worried. I’m baffled regarding the inability of people to see through and consequently enable this dangerous president. He implicitly (and sometimes explicitly) validates this hatred.” — Mary

“It is very disheartening. This President would rather take us back 75 years instead of move us forward. Ever since his campaign, he stokes hate, discontent, divisiveness, mistrust, physical violence, etc. When will Congress make this stop? I have nightmares and restless sleep since he has been in office.” — Teresa

“I’m sick and scared and ashamed of this president. How much more of this can we stand? He is making a mockery of everything American.” — Margy

“I am not doing well at all. This is so distressing for me — the child of a Holocaust survivor — to see the evils of white supremacists unleashed and abetted by the President of the United States. I feel like I have been living in a continual nightmare since Trump’s election.” — Sharon

“I’m appalled and outraged at Trump for supporting white supremacy and the hatred that groups associated with this absurdity bring to our country.” — Terry

“[I’m feeling] sickened and disgusted by not only the racist, hate-filled, pathetic excuses for human beings, but by the cowardly liar in the oval office and his sycophant Republican supporters too spineless to call him out.” — Rebecca

“I am very upset that the Republicans won’t stand up and explicitly say that the one who emboldened these terrorists should be censured. Why won’t they put their country above their politics?” — Mary Ellen

People across the commonwealth — and across the country — are disavowing President Trump’s pathetic response to the terrorism and violence of white supremacists in Charlottesville. Someone who isn’t? Ed Gillespie.

Add your name today if you believe Ed Gillespie should immediately condemn President Trump’s embarrassing response to Charlottesville.

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