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Wednesday News: McConnell vs. Trump, the Death Match; ESPN Broadcaster Robert Lee Pulled from UVA Game (Seriously?)


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 23.

  • Video: Trump’s craaaazy rally in Phoenix


  • Video: Mark Herring Launches “Mom,” First Reelection TV Ad


  • Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper questions Trump’s “fitness to be in this office,” says speech last night was “disturbing”

    James Clapper sums up #PhoenixRally: "The complete intellectual, moral and ethical void that POTUS exhibits…" https://t.co/YqNDOzk4JL— Justin Hendrix (@justinhendrix) August 23, 2017

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  • Northam vs. Gillespie has basically not budged since June in prediction markets. 6/14: 74% Northam-24% Gillespie; 8/11: 77% Northam-28% Gillespie


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  • From the Ayala for Delegate campaign:

    Virginia Environmental Advocates Announce Support for Hala Ayala

    WOODBRIDGE – The Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters (LCV) have announced their support for Hala Ayala’s campaign for the 51st District of Virginia House of Delegates. Ayala has voiced her commitment to expanding clean energy jobs in Prince William County. In stark contrast, her opponent, Del. Rich Anderson, has voted to circumvent guidelines intended to keep communities safe.

    “The Sierra Club and the Virginia League of Conservation Voters have been on the front lines of protecting our natural resources,” said Hala Ayala. “I am honored to receive their support and will fight alongside these champions in Richmond. We need to do better for our children than our current delegate, who would allow oil and gas companies to put our health at risk.”

    The Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club has over 20,000 members throughout the Commonwealth. It is part of the national Sierra Club, the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.

    “Hala’s commitment to developing clean energy careers in Prince William and throughout the commonwealth and refusal to accept campaign contributions from Dominion shows how she will fight to protect our environment in the House of Delegates,” Kate Addleson, Director of the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter. “We look forward to Hala’s victory in November, and working with her to ensure environmental protections for the 51st district and across the state.”

    The Virginia League of Conservation Voters holds state leaders accountable on environmental issues and works to elect leaders who strive to preserve the Commonwealth’s natural resources through state policy.

    “We are proud to endorse Hala Ayala in her race for the House of Delegates,” said Trieste Lockwood, government relations manager for Virginia LCV. “Now more than ever, it is critical to elect state leaders dedicated to preserving our state’s natural resources and working to increase clean energy options in Virginia.”

  • From Progress VA:

    Virginia Judge Will Hear Merits of Case Against Repeal of Sham Restrictions on Abortion Providers

    Richmond, VA—A Henrico County judge ruled Wednesday that plaintiffs in the Family Foundation’s case challenging the McAuliffe Administration and the Virginia Board of Health over the repeal of sham restrictions against abortion providers have standing to sue. Judge John Marshall will hear the merits of the case and make a decision later this year.

    “We’re confident that Judge Marshall will uphold the repeal of the sham restrictions against abortion providers when he makes a final ruling in this lawsuit,” Anna Scholl, Executive Director of Progress Virginia, said Wednesday. “This lawsuit is a desperate attempt by anti-woman, far-right zealots to prevent women from accessing the health care they need, and we feel certain that Judge Marshall will uphold the amended regulations that are in accordance with the United States Constitution and the recent Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt Supreme Court decision.”

    In 2011, the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation mandating the Board of Health regulate first trimester abortion providers like hospitals. The Board of Health subsequently adopted sham restrictions under pressure from right-wing conservatives led by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. The sham restrictions ignored the advice of medical professionals, regulating the number of parking spaces and the width of hallways at women’s health clinics, in a blatant attempt to shut down women’s health clinics. The Board of Health voted to amend the restrictions in October 2016, paving the way for women in our communities to access the health care they need when they need it.

  • Video: Former Perriello Chief of Staff Brennan Gilmore kicks butt on the NewsHour – courageous and heroic are two adjectives that spring to mind


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