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These Five Women of Color Are Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart’s Worst Nightmare!


by Ken Boddye


This part should make you smile. What you’re about to watch will do the opposite.

So Prince William County Board Chairman Corey Stewart has once again gone out of his way to once again embrace the Confederacy. In his latest bid to run away from our county as quickly as possible (AKA, running against Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate next year,) he’s scapegoating Antifa and the “Lunacy of the Left” for just about every act of violence that’s taken place since Charlottesville.

Instead of going into detail, I’ll just leave this here:

Personally, I can’t watch the above without getting furious. He goes on and on about erasing history, and accuses his opposition on being historically ignorant, yet doesn’t seem to realize how much history has been whitewashed. To romanticize the Confederacy is to erase the parts of history that are inconvenient to his narrative, and to embrace a type of white male supremacy that omits the accomplishments of people of color and women.

So, what can we do to combat this nonsense? Help elect these women of color in the Prince William area running for office this year!

House District 2 — Jennifer Carroll Foy (Facebook — Twitter — Donate)

House District 31 — Elizabeth Guzman (Facebook — Twitter — Donate)

House District 51 — Hala Ayala (Facebook — Twitter — Donate)

Manassas Commissioner of Revenue — Alonita Vannoy (Facebook — Donate)

Manassas City Treasurer — Patricia Richie-Folks (Facebook — Donate)

These women of color will make sure that Corey and his backwards ideology are on the way out, and helps us build the kind of momentum we’ll need for next year. On top of that, the more Democrats we elect in November, the more field generals we’ll have to help Senator Kaine and whoever else steps up to run against the Republicans in the mid-term elections.

It’ll also set the stage for us to finally oust Corey in 2019, ridding his influence from our county once and for all.


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