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Video: Corey Stewart Says NFL Players Who Kneeled Are “overpaid, arrogant, disrespectful, ungrateful, unpatriotic”


In addition to attacking the mostly African-American NFL players who “took a knee” this past weekend to protest racism and police brutality in America, Virginia’s xenophobic, demagogic disgrace – and 2018 VA GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, Corey Stewart – also called on Congress this afternoon to take away the NFL’s federal anti-trust exemption (see video below). Now, I have no problem with repealing the NFL’s anti-trust exemption for a bunch of reasons, but NOT as punishment for its athletes and owners doing the right thing — standing up against racism, police brutality, Donald Trump’s racist attacks, etc. and exercising their First Amendment rights to free expression of their views. Finally, I’m very curious whether the Virginia GOP, and particularly Ed Gillespie – who pretends to be a nice, reasonable person while playing footsies with the Corey Stewart/Roy Moore “base” of his party – agrees with Corey Stewart on this issue.


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